Setup Secure Wireless Access (ubcsecure)


Secure Wireless Network WPA Encryption Support

Starting August 15, 2011, UBC IT is removing support for WPA wireless encryption on the 'ubcsecure' wireless network due to the weaknesses in the WPA encryption protocol. All users on the 'ubcsecure' wireless network must now use WPA2 encryption. Users should run the Autoconnect Tool to re-configure their 'ubcsecure' wireless network profile for WPA2 encryption, or follow the appropriate documentation below to manually re-configure the wireless network profile.


Looking for quicker access and a more secure connection? Use the wireless network without having to login each time by setting up "ubcsecure". "ubcsecure" uses WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Enterprise and 802.1x for an encrypted and secure wireless connection. If your computer or mobile device supports WPA Enterprise (most do) please click on the Autoconnect banner above or follow the documents below to set it up.

Recent security enhancements to the network may be affecting some wireless users. If you're experiencing problems connecting, click here for more information.

Setup documents for ubcsecure:

Supported Operating Systems
Operating System Setup Methods
Microsoft Windows  
Windows XP AutoConnect | Manual
Windows Vista/7 AutoConnect | Manual
Windows 8AutoConnect
Mac OS X 10.4 AutoConnect | Manual
Mac OS X 10.5/10.6 AutoConnect | Manual
Mac OS X 10.7 AutoConnect | Manual
Apple iPod/iPhone (iOS) AutoConnect | Manual
Apple iPad/iPad 2 (iOS) AutoConnect | Manual


Unsupported Operating Systems*
Operating System Setup Methods
Ubuntu Linux AutoConnect | Manual
Fedora Linux AutoConnect
Android ** AutoConnect 
Windows 2000 Manual
Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and above Manual
Symbian Series 60 Manual
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Manual
Blackberry Wifi Devices Manual
Other Operating Systems or to use Manufacturer's Wireless Manual

* UBC IT does not provide support for unsupported operating systems. The setup documents are provided as general reference only.

** Please use the default Browser app that comes with Android OS. Most Android OS phones and tablets can be confirmed via AutoConnect. However due to vendor specific configurations and restrictions ubcsecure may not work on some devices.

Important: Get updated drivers for your wireless card.

WPA2 Compliant Wireless Cards

There are numerous wireless adapters available from the various manufacturers. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all wireless adapters will function properly on the network. However, majority of newer wireless adapters should be WPA2 compliant.

Further Information