Identity & Access Management (IAM) Codes and Names

Last Updated: July 2, 2013

Short IAM Client Code (a.k.a. UNIT) IAM Display Name (Prefix) Medium IAM Name Long IAM Name
AAPS AAPS Assoc of Admin and Prof Staff Association of Administrative and Professional Staff
ADAE Arts Development Arts Develoment and Alumni Engagement Office Arts Development and Alumni Engagement Office
ADVG Arts Advising Arts Academic Advising Arts Academic Advising
AFST African Studies African Studies Minor African Studies Minor
AHVA AHVA Art History Visual Art Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory
ALLE UBC-ALLE Allergy and Immunology Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
AMPL AMPEL AMPEL Advanced Materials & Process Engineering Laboratory
ANAE UBC-ANAE Anaesthesiology Department Anaesthesiology Pharmacology & Therapeutics
ANCA UBC-ANCA and BCPRC Animal Care Animal Care Services
ANTH Anthropology Anthropology Department of Anthropology
APET Applied Ethics W.M.Young Ctr, Applied Ethics W.M.Young Ctr, Applied Ethics
APRO UBC APRO Asia Pacific Regional Office Asia Pacific Regional Office in Hong Kong
APSD APSC, Dean Applied Science, Dean's Office Applied Science Faculty, Dean's Office
APSF APSC, Fac Applied Science, Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of
ARCO Arts Coop Arts Coop Arts Co-op Program
ARDO Arts Arts Dean's Office Dean of Arts Office
ART1 Arts One Arts One Arts One Program
Faculty of Arts
ARU UBC-ARU Dept of Med-ARU Dept of Med-ARU
ASIA Asian Studies Asian Studies Department of Asian Studies
ASLAllardAllard School of LawPeter A. Allard School of Law at Allard Hall
ASTU Arts ASRW Arts Studies in Research and Writing Arts Studies in Research and Writing
ATHL UBC-ATHL Athletics and Recreation Department of Athletics and Recreation
AUDI UBC-AUDI Audiology and Speech Sciences School of Audiology and Speech Sciences
BCST UBC-BCST BC Studies BC Studies
BGCH Botanical Gdn Botanical Garden Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research
BIMC UBC-BIMC The Media Group The Media Group
BIOC UBC-BIOC Biochemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
BIOD Beaty Research Beaty Biodiversity Research Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre
BLKN UBC-BLKN Belkin Gallery Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
BMUS Beaty Museum Beaty Biodiversity Museum Beaty Biodiversity Museum
BNRC Brain Research Centre Brain Research Centre Brain Research Centre
BOFS Comptroller Office of the Comptroller Office of the Comptroller
BOG BOG Board of Governors Board of Governors
BOPS Building Ops Building Operations Building Operations
BOTA UBC-BOTA Botany Department of Botany
BRC BRC BRCUBC Biomedical Research Centre
CAMA Campus Mail Campus Mailing Services Campus Mailing Services
CAN UBC-CAN Applied Neurogenetics Centre for Applied Neurogenetics
CANL UBC-CANL Canadian Literature Canadian Literature
CAPS CPS Cellular and Physiological Sciences Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences
CARD UBC-CARD Cardiology Division of Cardiology
CARP Coord Arts Pgm Coordinated Arts Program Coordinated Arts Program
CASS CASS Office CASS Development Office CASS Development Office
Continuing Studies
CCHR UBC-CCHR Dev Neuro & Child Health Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health
CCPL CCP Campus and Community Planning Campus and Community Planning
CDST Canadian Studies Canadian Studies Program Canadian Studies Program
CENE CENES Cntrl Estrn Nrthrn Europe Stds Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies
CERC CERC Clean Energy Research Centre Clean Energy Research Centre
CERE Ceremonies Ceremonies UBC Ceremonies
CFBR UBC-CFBR Centre for Blood Research Centre for Blood Research
CFIS CFIS College for Interdisciplinary Studies College for Interdisciplinary Studies
CHAN Chan Centre Chan Centre for Performing Arts Chan Centre for Performing Arts
CHBE CHBE Chemical & Biological Engineering Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
CHD CHD College of Health Disciplines College of Health Disciplines
CHEM UBC-CHEM Chemistry Department of Chemistry
CHES CHES CHES-Cntr for HealthEducatnSchlrshp CHES-Cntr for HealthEducatnSchlrshp
CHHM CHHM CHHM Centre for Hip Health and Mobility
CHTB UBC-CHTB CHIBI The Centre for High-Throughput Biology
CICS UBC-CICS ICICS Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems
CIVL Civil Eng Civil Engineering Civil Engineering, Department of
CMLI CLI Community Learning Initiative UBC Community Learning Initiative
CMMK Comm&Marketing Communications and Marketing Community and marketing Group
CMMT CMMT Ctr-Molecular Med&Therapeutics Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics
CMPS Composites Composites UBC Composites Group
CNER CNERS Classical Nr Estrn Relign Stds Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies
CNRL Bookstore Bookstore Bookstore
CNSL UnivCounsel University Counsel Office of the University Counsel
COGS Cognitive Sys Cognitive Systems Program Cognitive Systems Program
COMA Arts Communications Arts Communications Arts Communications Office
COMM CommEngage Community Engagement Community Engagement
COOP COOP Engineering Co-op Engineering Co-op Program
CPD UBC-CPD Cont. Prof Development Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD)
CPLD Facilities Pln Facilities Planning
CPSC UBC-CPSC Computer Science Department of Computer Science
CRWR Creative Writing Creative Writing Creative Writing Program
CSEC UBC Security Campus Security UBC Campus Security Department
CSIS Critical St in Sxlty Critical Studies in Sexuality Program Critical Studies in Sexuality Program
CTLT CTLT CTLT Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
DAE DAE Development and Alumni Engagement Development and Alumni Engagement
DENT UBC-DENT Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry
DERM UBC-DERM Dermatology Dermatology and Skin Sciences
ECE UBC-ECE Electrical Eng Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECON UBC-ECON Economics Department of Economics
EDUC "Education - " Education Faculty of Education
EHSO Med eHealth eHealth Strategy Office FOM - eHealth Strategy Office
EMED UBC-EMED Emergency Medicine N/A
EMEQ Equity Office UBC Equity Office UBC Equity Office
EMPL HR Human Resources Human Resources
ENDO Endocrinology Endocrinology Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
ENGL English English Department of English
ENRL Enrolment Enrolment Services Assoc. VP Enrolment Serv& Regi - AVER
ENVS Envirnmnt & Soc Minor in Environment and Society Minor in Environment and Society
EOSC UBC-EOSC Earth and Ocean Sciences Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
ESTU Med ESU Evaluation Studies Unit Evaluation Studies Unit
FACA UBC FA Faculty Association Faculty Association of UBC
FHIS FHIS French Hispanic Italian Stds Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies
FIND Finance Financial Services Financial Services
Oceans & Fisheries
Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries
FMPR UBC-FMPR Family Practice Department of Family Practice
FNHL FNHL First Nations House Learning First Nations House Learning
FNLG ?? First Nations Language First Nations Language Program
FNSP ?? First Nations Studies First Nations Studies Program
FOGS UBC-FOGS Grad Studies Faculty of Graduate Studies
FREL Faculty Relations Faculty Relations Faculty Relations
FRPT Financial Rpt Financial Reporting Financial Reporting
FRST Forestry Forestry Faculty of Forestry
FSBL BOPS - Finance Building Operations - Finance Building Operations - Finance
GASY UBC-GASY UBC GI Division of Gastroenterology
GEOG Geography Geography Department of Geography
GIM UBC-GIM General Internal Medicine Division of General Internal Medicine
GOVT GovRel Government Relations Government Relations at UBC
GRCL UBC-GRCL Green College Green College
GRSS ?? Institute of Gender, Race,Sexuality Institute of Gender, Race,Sexuality
HELP HELP Human Early Learning Partnership Human Early Learning Partnership
HESO Health & Soc Health and Society Minor Health and Society Minor
HIST History History Department of History
HUMA Humanities Humanities 101 Humanities 101 Community Program
IAPO Budget Budget & Management Reporting Budget & Management Reporting
IAR IAR Institute of Asian Research Institute of Asian Research
ICRD ICORD ICORD (International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries) ICORD (International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries)
IDPS Infr Project Svcs Infrastructure Project Services Infrastructure Project Services
IDST Arts IDST Interdiscliplinary Studies Interdiscliplinary Studies B.A. Program
IFES ?? Institute for European Studies Institute for Asian Studies
ILOF UILO Industry Liaison Office Industry Liaison Office*
Infectious Diseases Division
INFO PublicAffairs Public Affairs Public Affairs
INFR Infrastructure Infrastructure Development Infrastructure Development
INPG Inst Programs Institutional Programs Office Institutional Programs Office
INTA UBC-INTA Internal Audit Internal Audit
INTC Vantage College Vantage College UBC Vantage College
INTO UBC International International Office International Office
IREL Intrnl Relations Internal Relations Institute of Internal Relations
IRES IRES Inst-Resorcs,Envirn&Sustainbty Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability
ISIT Arts Arts ISIT Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology
ISTI ISI International Student Initiative
JRNL SOJ Journalism School of Journalism
KIN UBC-KIN Human Kinetics School of Human Kinetics
LAIS SLAIS Library Archival Stds School of Library Archival and Information Studies
LAST Arts Last Latin American Studies Latin American Studies Program
LBRY Library Library UBC Library
LEAR Learning Exchange Learning Exchange Learning Exchange
LFS UBC-LFS LANDFOOD Faculty of Land and Food Systems
LIGI Liu Institute Liu Institute for Global Issues Liu Institute for Global Issues
LING Linguistics Linguistics Department of Linguistics
LSC LSC Life Sciences Centre Operations Life Sciences Centre Operations
LSI UBC-LSI Life Sciences Institute Life Sciences Institute
MAAP UBC-MAAP Institute of Applied Math Institute of Applied Math
MATH UBC-MATH Mathematics Department of Mathematics
MDCM ?? Fac Med Communications ?
MDDA Med Faculty Development / Med Alumni Affairs / UBC Medicine Alumni / Med DAE Med Faculty Development / Med Alumni Affairs Med Faculty Development / Med Alumni Affairs
MDDF Med Finance Fac Med Finance Office Faculty of Medicine Finance Department
MDFA MED Dean's Office - Faculty Affairs | (2nd option) MED Fac Med Faculty Affairs ?
MDFC MED Deans Office Facilities MED Deans Office Facilities MED Deans Office Facilities
MDIT MedIT Medicine - IT Faculty of medicine - IT Group
MDLV Arts MDLV Medieval Studies Medieval Studies Program
MECH Mech Eng Mechanical Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering
MEDA Med Admissions Admissions - Dean's Office Admissions - Dean's Office
MEDD MED Dean's Office FOC Dean's Office Faculty of Medicine - Dean's Office
MEDE Med Education Medicine Education Medicine Education
MEDF MED Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine
MEDG UBC-MEDG Medical Genetics Department of Medical Genetics
MEDP MED Postgraduate Education Medical Postgraduate Education (MEDP) Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Education
MEDR Med Research Fac Med Research Office (MEDR) Faculty of Medical Research Office
MEDU EAU or Med Undergrad Education Medicine, Undergrad Ed Medicine, Undergrad Eduction (Dean's Office)
MEST Arts MEST Modern European Studies Modern European Studies Program
MICB UBC-MICB Microbiology & Immunology Department of Microbiology & Immunology
MIDW Midwiferty Midwifery N/A
MINE MINE Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
Medical Student & Alumni Centre UBC W.A. Webber Medical Student & Alumni Centre
MSL UBC-MSL MSLabs Michael Smith Laboratories
MTRL MTRL Materials Engineering Department of Materials Engineering
MUSA MOA Museum of Anthropology Museum of Anthropology
MUSC Music Music School of Music
NCST Arts NCST Nineteenth Centuries Studies Program Nineteenth Centuries Studies Program
NEPH UBC-NEPH Nephrology Division of Nephrology
NRLG UBC-NRLG Neurology Department of Neurology
NURS NURS Nursing School of Nursing
OBST OBGYN OBGYN Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
OEH UBC-OEH Environmental Health Occupational and Environmental Health
OKAC UBCO-AA UBCO AVP Students Academic Advising AVP Students - Academic Advising - UBC Okanagan
OKAD OKAD School of Engineering - UBC Okanagan School of Engineering - UBC Okanagan
OKAF UBCO-AFDO UBCO Administration & Finance AVP Administrations and Finance - UBC Okanagan
OKAM UBCO-CareerCoop UBCO AVP Students Carreer & Co-op AVP Students - Career Centre & Co-op Education - UBC Okangan
OKAP UBCO-APS UBCO Aboriginal Program & Services AVP Students - Aboriginal Program and Services - UBC Okanagan
OKAR UBCO-OPVP UBCO Office of the Provost and VP Office of the Provost and Vice Principal - UBC Okanagan
OKAT UBCO-Athletics UBCO Athletics & Recreation AVP Students - Athletics & Recreation - UBC Okanagan
OKB1 UBCO-BSASUnit1 UBCO BSAS Unit 1 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 1 - UBC Okanagan
OKB2 UBCO-BSASUnit2 UBCO BSAS Unit 2 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 2 - UBC Okanagan
OKB3 UBCO-BSASUnit3 UBCO BSAS Unit 3 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 3 - UBC Okanagan
OKB4 UBCO-BSASUnit4 UBCO BSAS Unit 4 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 4 - UBC Okanagan
OKB5 UBCO-BSASUnit5 UBCO BSAS Unit 5 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 5 - UBC Okanagan
OKB6 UBCO-BSASUnit6 UBCO BSAS Unit 6 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 6 - UBC Okanagan
OKB7 UBCO-BSASUnit7 UBCO BSAS Unit 7 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 7 - UBC Okanagan
OKB8 UBCO-BSASUnit8 UBCO BSAS Unit 8 Barber School of Arts & Sciences Unit 8 - UBC Okanagan
OKBD UBCO-BSASDO UBCO BSAS Dean's Office Barber School of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office - UBC Okanagan
OKCD UBCO-CCSDO UBCO CCS Dean's Office Creative and Critical Studies Dean's Office - UBC Okanagan
OKCE UBCO-Ceremonies UBCO Ceremonies AVP Administrations and Finance - Ceremonies - UBC Okanagan
OKCL UBCO-CampusLife UBCO AVP Students Campus Life AVP Students - Campus Life - UBC Okanagan
OKCR UBCO-CR UBCO Creative Studies Creative Studies - UBCO Okanagan
OKCS UBCO-CS UBCO Critical Studies Critical Studies - UBCO Okanagan
OKDP UBCO-IHLCDP UBCO IHLCDP Institute for Healthy Living and Chronic Disease Prevention
OKDR UBCO-DRC UBCO AVP Students DRC AVP Students - Disability Resource Centre - UBC Okanagan
OKDV UBCO-OKDV UBCO Development Development and Alumni Engagement
OKED UBCO-FOE UBCO Faculty of Education Faculty of Education - UBC Okanagan
OKEO UBCO-FOEDO UBCO FOE Dean's Office Faculty of Education Dean's Office - UBCO Okanagan
OKES UBCO-Enrolment UBCO Enrolment Services AVP Students- Enrolment Services - UBC Okanagan
OKFA UBCO-SFAA UBCO AVP Students SFAA AVP Students-Student Financial Assistant and Award-UBC Okanagan
OKFM UBCO-Facilities UBCO Facilities Management AVP Admin and Finance - Facilities Management - UBC Okanagan
OKFS UBCO-Finance UBCO Financial Services AVP Administrations and Finance - Financial Services - UBC Okanagan
OKGD UBCO-GDO UBCO Graduate Studies Dean's Office Graduate Studies Dean's Office - UBC Okanagan
OKGL UBCO-GoGlobal UBCO AVP Students Go Global AVP Students - Go Global - UBC Okanagan
OKHC UBCO-SHHS UBCO Student Housing Student Housing & Hospitality Services
OKHD UBCO-FHSDO UBCO FHSD Dean's Office Face of Health and Social Development Dean's Office-UBC Okanagan
OKHK UBCO-HES UBCO Health and Exercise Science Health and exercise Science - UBC Okanagan
OKHR UBCO-HR UBCO Human Resources Human Resources
OKHW UBCO-Health UBCO Health & Wellness AVP Students - Health & Wellness - UBC Okanagan
OKIA UBCO-ISA UBCO International Student Advising AVP Students - International Student Advising - UBC Okanagan
OKIS UBCO-ISI UBCO International Student Initiative AVP Students - International Student Initiative - UBC Okanagan
OKIT OK ITServices

OKLB UBCO-Library UBCO Library Library - UBC Okanagan
OKLC UBCO-Learning UBCO AVP Students Learning Centre AVP Students - Learning Centre - UBC Okanagan
OKLE UBCO-CSLP UBCO AVP Students CSLP AVP Students - Community Service Learning Program - UBC Okanagan
OKMD UBCO-FOMDO UBCO FOM Dean's Office Faculty of Management Dean's Office - UBC Okanagan
OKMG UBCO-FOM UBCO Faculty of Management Faculty of Management - UBC Okanagan
OKMP SMP Southern Medical Program Southern Medical Program
OKNR UBCO-Nursing UBCO Nursing Nursing - UBC Okanagan
OKOR UBCO-ORS UBCO Office of Research Services Office of Research Services - UBC Okanagan
OKRA UBCO-SRA UBCO Student Recruitment Student Recruitment & Advising - UBC Okanagan
OKS0 UBCO-AVPDO UBCO AVP Dean's Office AVP Students - Dean's Office - UBC Okanagan
OKSB UBCO-Sustainability UBCO Sustainability AVP Administrations and Finance - Sustainability - UBC Okanagan
OKSD UBCO-SDA UBCO AVP Students SDA AVP Students - Student Development & Advising - UBC Okanagan
OKSE UBCO-HSE UBCO Health and Safety AVP Admin and Finance - Health, Saftey & Envronment - UBC Okanagan
OKSM UBCO-Supply UBCO Supply Management AVP Administrations and Finance-Supply Management-UBC Okanagan
OKSN UBCO-SI UBCO Sustainability Institute Okanagan Sustainability Institute
OKSP UBCO-Parking, UBCO-Security UBCO Parking, UBCO Security AVP Administrations and Finance - Security - UBC Okanagan
OKSW UBCO-SW UBCO Social Work Social Work - UBC Okanagan
OKTL UBCO-CTL UBCO Centre for Teaching and Learning Centre for Teaching and Learning - UBC Okanagan
OKUI UBCO-UILO UBCO University-Industry Liaison Office University-Industry Liaison Office - UBC Okanagan
OKUR UBCO-UR UBCO University Relations University Relations - UBC Okanagan
OKVC UBCO-DVC UBCO DVC Office Deputy Vice Chancellor & Principal Office - UBC Okanagan
OMBD Ombuds Office Ombudsman Office Ombudsman Office
Medical Oncology Division
OPTH UBC-OPTH Opthalmology Department of Opthalmology and Visual Sciences
OSOT UBC-OSOT Occupational Health & Occupational Therapy Occupational Health & Occupational Therapy
PACA Pacific Affairs Pacific Affairs Pacific Affairs

PADM PEN Pension Administration Office Pension Administration Office
PAED UBC-PAED Pediatrics Department of Pediatrics
PAIR PAIR Planning & Institutional Rsrch Planning & Institutional Research
PASS Parking Parking Srvs
PATH UBC-PATH / PATH Pathology Department of Pathology
PHAR UBC-PHAR Pharmaceutical Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
PHAS Physics and Astronomy Physics and Astronomy Department of Physics and Astronomy
PHIL Philosophy Philosophy Department of Philosophy
PHTH UBC-PHTH Physical Therapy Department of Physical Therapy
POLI UBC-POLI Political Science Department of Political Science
POPI UBC-POPI POPI Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy Innovations
Pulp & Paper Centre
Pulp & Paper Research Centre
PPRC UBC-PPRC Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre
PPS PPS Payroll and Procurement Services Payroll and Procurement Services
PROF President, OAB President's Office UBC Presidents Office
PSYC Psychology
PSYT UBC-PSYT Psychiatry Department of Psychiatry
PWAL PWIAS Peter Wall Institute Peter Wall Institute
RADI UBC-RADI Radiology Department of Radiology
RATA Rsrch Acctg Research and Trust Accounting
REAL Real Estate Real Estate and DAP Real Estate and the Diploma Access Program
RESP UBC-RESP Respiratory Medicine Division of Respiratory Medicine
REVA Revenue Acct Revenue Accounting Financial Accounting
RGLA Arts RGLA Religion, Literature, and Arts Religion, Literature, and Arts Program
RMS Risk Mgt Svc Risk Management Services Department of Risk Management Services
ROBS UBC Robson SQ UBC Robson Square UBC Robson Square
ORS Office of Research services Office of Research services Research Services*
SALA UBC-SALA **Not Confirmed School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
SAUD Sauder Sauder School of Business The Sauder School of Business
SCID Science Science Dean Faculty of Science, Office of the Dean
SCLS UBC-SCLS Classroom Services Classroom Services
SCOP UBC-SCOP Sci Coop Science Coop
SCRP Scarp School of Community and Regional Planning School of Community and Regional Planning
Student Housing & Hospitality Services*
St. John's College UBC
SOCI Sociology Sociology Department of Sociology
SOWK Social Work Social Work School of Social Work
SPAR SPARC Sprt Prog to Advnc Rsrch Support Program to Advance Research
SPMC UBC-SPMC UBC Sports Medicine Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
School of Population and Public Health
SPPH (3rd Floor) UBC-SPPH (3rd Floor) SPPH (3rd Floor) SPPH (3rd Floor)
STSS StudentAffairs Student Development & Services Student Development and Services
STST Arts STST Science and Technology Studies Science and Technology Studies Program
SURG UBC-SURG Surgery Department of Surgery
TEMP Staff Finders Human Resources, UBC Staff Finders Staff Finders Temporary Employment Agency within Human Resources at UBC
THFL UBC-THFL Theatre and Film Department of Theatre and Film
TRSY Treasury UBC Treasury Department UBC Treasury Department
UIT UBC IT UBC Information Technology UBC Information Technology
UPRE UBC Press UBC Press UBC Press
URLG UBC-URLG Urologic Sciences Department of Urologic Sciences
URST Urban Studies Urban Studies Urban Studies Program
USUS Sustainability UBC Sustainability Initiative UBC Sustainability Initiative
VCHR VCHRI C2E2 VCHRI - C2E2 - Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation VCHRI - C2E2 - Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation
Academic & Provost - VPAC
VPBU FRO VP Finance, Resources & Ops VP Finance, Resources & Operations
VPCP C&P Office of the VP, C&P Communications and Community Planning
VPRO VP Research Int'l VP Research & Intl. Office VP Research and International Office
VPSS VP Students VP Students Students - VPSS
WMST UBC-WMST Women's Studies Department of Women's Studies
ZOOL UBC-ZOOL Zoology Department of Zoology