Norton Anti-Virus Software

There is no site licence for Norton/Symantec and pricing depends on the volumes purchased. There has been a significant decline in volumes with the implementation of the campus license for Sophos Anti-Virus, and therefore the volume advantage of purchasing through UBC IT has declined significantly. Better pricing can be obtained by purchasing direct from a reseller.

We will continue to work with existing customers to renew expiring licenses. The cost for licencing Norton depends on whether you are renewing or purchasing a new licence and by the volume that you purchase. The cost to renew Norton is less than the purchase price of a new licence, but exact costs are determined by the number of licences being acquired, as volume discounts will apply.

If you do not wish to commit to a 3 year term, you can purchase direct from any software reseller.

Please refer to the UBC supply management website for purchasing procedures and guidelines.

To request a quote for the renewal or large purchase orders of Norton Anti-Virus, now called Symantec Endpont Protection , please complete the form below. 

Norton Anti-Virus 9.0 Request Form
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Enter the number of licenses required. You may wish to consider the free Sophos anti-virus product available to all UBC Faculty, Staff, and Students at UBC IT's Sophos Antivirus site.