Note: This listing is an archived project


UBC has recognized the need for an overall strategy to address the University's security and legal obligations for managing identity information.   In our continuing efforts to develop IT security and reliability, UBC is introducing AccessUBC to manage access privileges for staff and faculty at UBC.



The objective is to automate provisioning and de-provisioning of people’s access to services as their relationship with the university changes, and to provide management a simple way to certify employee and contractor access permissions. 

AccessUBC will help manage access privileges for all staff and faculty at UBC, this solution will simplify and reduce the time needed to provision/de-provision access for an employee  and manage the user lifecycle with UBC.  AccessUBC will be implemented across all UBC faculties and departments and will expand its functionality to administer access to a growing number of services.


AccessUBC implementation will improve security controls, simplify the process and create time efficiencies. 

  • Secure - all Faculty and Staff identities will be managed by an Identity Access Management solution
  • Reliable - Automate 80% of the activities in the identity lifecycle, the remaining activities will be traceable
  • Time Efficiencies - reduce the current time needed to manage user access


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For AccessUBC Implementation questions, please contact Janey Hauser, Project Manager at


  • AccessUBC platform has been launched to manage the identity lifecycle and provisioning of Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) accounts to new employees joining UBC.

    New employees will be automatically provisioned with EAD and Home Drive, and will receive a notification email to reset their CWL password to access their services.

    The Identity and Access Management team will be working with selected Faculties and Departments to implement a tailored solution to support provisioning/de-provisioning a growing number of IT services, over the year.



Note: This listing is an archived project