Contact Centre Expansion Project

Note: This listing is an archived project


The purpose of this project is to migrate five on-campus contact centres (Arts ISIT, Arts Academic Advising, Building Operations, Emergency Operations, Campus Security) from the existing infrastructure to the new contact centre solution.

The Contact Centre Expansion Project is a continuation of the UBC Contact Centre Product Evaluation and Contact Centre Selection and Implementation Phase 1 projects.  After extensive evaluation, UBC IT has chosen a new contact centre platform, the Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express (UCCX) Allstream Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). The Enrolment Services and the Information Technology Service Centre (ITSC) Contact Centres are already successfully running on this platform since the end of September 2013.

As of April 2014, UBC IT has completed the migration of the main Contact Centres on campus, including: Enrolment Services, ITSC, Arts Academic Advising, Arts ISIT, and Building Operations. The last Contact Centre to be migrated is for Campus security, which will require a call recording solution.

Current Project Approach




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Note: This listing is an archived project