HR Finance System Renewal Project


In the spirit of modernization and innovation, UBC is proposing a major upgrade or replacement of its core HR and Finance systems. Both systems are currently running on aging software, and are overdue for renewal. There have been significant changes both in the technology landscape, and in the way UBC operates from a process perspective. The changes contemplated will enable UBC to take advantage of newer technologies to improve users’ experience and deliver mobile capabilities for our faculty and staff.

Staff in financial and human resources functions will contribute to the project during the various project phases. All faculty, staff and student employees who access the self-service portal on both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses will likely see changes in the future.


The HR Finance System Renewal project will explore technology solution to meet UBC’s Human Resources and Finance operational needs, and to optimize business processes and administrative services on campus. The project scope will examine people, process and technology implications resulting from a change to our current environment.

Newer technologies will be explored, including business applications that offer mobile capabilities. One or more applications may be considered to address our business HR and Finance needs. As a starting point, the project will be guided by addressing pain points, such as improving our user’s experience and simplifying complex business processes to deliver greater efficiency.


The project goals will be defined in Phase 1 based on direction from Executive and Project Sponsors and campus input.


The project timeline is fluid at this stage and will be aligned with other initiatives underway at UBC.


Marnie Anderson, Project Manager Phase 1

Evie Mandel, Finance Projects Director

Jacqui Noftall, Director, HR Renewal