Klinck Data Centre Renovation

Note: This listing is an archived project


The Klinck Data Centre Renovation addresses the issues of increased power requirements, lack of cooling capacity for existing heat loads and backup motor generator and UPS power required to support IT services at UBC. Without the upgrades, existing services would be at risk and there would be no capacity for additional services.

Additionally, the project addresses the negative environmental impact of the old cooling method that discharges approximately 350,000L of water per day through the drainage system. As part of this work, EcoTrek sponsored water circulation upgrades which will eliminate the requirement to discharge water. Data Centre Renovations include replacement of two air conditioning (AC) units, one added AC unit, installation of a closed loop water cooling system including related roof top cooling towers, basement pumps, removal of existing water pipes, installation of a new 400kW backup motor generator and the addition of two 80kW UPS units.

Additional work is being done in the data centre to focus on space management to improve layout and connections to ease the future maintenance and servicing of the systems. This work is a prerequisite to further data centre expansion required to meet future IT needs.

Note: This listing is an archived project