UBC Mass Email Tool


A large number of UBC units that send mass mail outs use vendor-hosted mass mailing service such as MailChimp, Campaigner, etc. or other self-managed tools, Across UBC, there are over 80 separate subscriptions with different external providers. UBC IT is currently not involved in any of the agreements between units and external service providers.


The purpose of this initiative is to analyze and understand the scope, varying needs, and investment required to run and support the service. This initiative will facilitate data gathering, and analysis of possible options. It will also present recommendations at the end of the analysis project on the approach moving forward.


The overall goal of this initiative is to help UBC build and maintain strong relationships with UBC’s constituents through communications via mass email. In order to achieve this, UBC needs to create a positive experience when we send a mass email to our constituents. In order to succeed, UBC requires a technology that allows for flexibility in terms of customization, and has ability to manage recipient data.

Project Objectives

  • Better understand the functional requirements and use cases for mass mailout tools on campus
  • Compare possible solutions with the existing mass email tools and propose recommendations
  • Develop a business case for approval from UBC executives, including an overview of demand, and change and impact analysis
  • Formalize the plan for implementing any new tools


April / May 2018

  • Requirements gathering
  • Determine UBC security requirements
  • Solutions Analysis

June / July 2018

  • Business case documentation

August 2018

  • Architectural review
  • Sponsor review


Diana Yoon, Project Manager

Liza Jose, Associate Director, Digital Experience


  • In March and April 2018, a survey was conducted regarding Mass Mailout Tools on campus. The survey covered the following topics:

    • Current mass mailout tool used
    • e-Publications managed
    • Satisfaction with current tool
    • Feature requirements for a new tool
    • Support needs


    View a summary of the results (PPT, 1.92 MB).