Workspace 2.0 Pilot Testing

UBC Workspace 2.0 pilot program will be extended to 400 pre-selected users in April 2015 to gather feedback about the service and to ensure it is ready for a campus-wide launch.

To begin your pilot, please visit and enter the following credentials in the Self-Service Portal:

Group ID: UBC
User Name: Campus-Wide Login (CWL) credentials. Please note that Workspace 2.0 is only available to users with an Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account.

Pilot Goals

The pilot is designed to achieve the following:

  • Ensure that the full deployment meets constituent user requirements
  • Operates as intended for UBC's full network of internal and external users
  • Informs the plan for scaling the service to the entire university
  • And provides the necessary user feedback for any service improvements and support requirements


Terms of Service

Please read the UBC Workspace Pilot 2.0 Terms of Service here.


For Workspace service questions, please contact For service support, please select "Workspace 2.0" under the Service dropdown menu on our Systems web form. Known Issues

  • Search Tool: If you are having difficulties finding someone known to be active on the Pilot, type slowly after the second character is entered and try searches several different ways.
  • Upload Speed: Slow upload speed, particularity from off campus locations.

Pilot FAQs

Why is the Workspace service changing to a new product?

The product used to launch the Workspace 1.0 service (Horizon Files) has been discontinued and vendor support for it will also end. The vendor's new file sharing product is AirWatch Secure Content Locker, Workspace 2.0.

What are the new Workspace 2.0 features?

Workspace 2.0 provides a more stable file sharing platform than Workspace 1.0. Additional security features include the ability to password protect shared files and folders, and a “viewable only” (without download) option.

Who can use Workspace 2.0?

All staff and faculty are eligible for a Workspace account. In order to access the service, an Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) account is required.

When does the Pilot start?

For pilot users, migrations from Workspace 1.0 to 2.0 are expected to begin April 14, 2015. You will receive an email inviting you to participate in the pilot. This email will contain further details about the pilot, migration, and links to the new service and its reference materials.

How do I participate to be a part of the pilot?

If you are one of the 400 pre-selected pilot users, you will be invited by email to participate in the program.

How long is the Pilot?

The pilot will last approximately 6 weeks.

How do I set up the service for the pilot program?

It's easy! Go to the Workspace 2.0 web-based Self-Service Portal at and enter your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) credentials and Group ID: UBC

Is there an app I can download to my phone or tablet?

Yes, Android, iOS and Windows are supported. You can download the Airwatch Secure Content Locker app at the Apple iTunes Store>, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store Enter the server address: Enter the Group ID: UBC and enter your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) credentials.

Is there a Sync Client for my workstation?

Yes, after you have logged into the Self-Service Portal by entering your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) credentials and Group ID: UBC, select My Content screen, and then select Content Locker Sync to begin the download process.

What happens to Workspace 2.0 when the pilot is complete?

Everything will remain the same. You may be required to re-share your folders to users outside of the pilot group, after they have been migrated to Workspace 2.0.

Can I still use Workspace 1.0 while I participate in the Workspace 2.0 pilot?

Yes, you will still have access. We encourage you to continue using Workspace 1.0 if you are sharing with users outside of the pilot (unless you have forwarded links to them from within Workspace 2.0). Note that your content will not be syncing between Workspace 1.0 and 2.0.

I am part of the pilot, will my data be migrated to Workspace 2.0?

Yes, but not right away. You will receive an email notification once we finish migrating your data for you.

During the pilot, will Workspace 2.0 be available on VDI?

No, Workspace 2.0 will not be available on VDI during the pilot, available only after product launch.

How do I add staff or faculty to the pilot?

During pilot of Workspace 2.0 you can add staff and faculty by submitting a request to the Systems web form. Select Workspace 2.0 in the service drop down menu. Click the “Add UBC User to Pilot” button and provide the user information in the request details section (name and e-mail address).

When will migrations occur for non-pilot users?

Migrations from Workspace 1.0 to 2.0 are expected to begin in May 2015. Users will receive a notification 7 days prior to the account's scheduled migration date. This notification will contain further details about the migration, and links to the new service and its reference materials.

What happens to my files?

The files and folders you have created and saved in Workspace 1.0 will be copied to Workspace 2.0 during the migration. This migration will only occur once. Once content has been migrated from Workspace 1.0 to Workspace 2.0, you will have read and write access to your files and folders for 8 weeks post migration. After the 8 weeks are completed, you will have read-only access for another 90 days.

What happens to folders I have shared with others?

Unfortunately, folder sharing cannot be migrated. You will need to manually re-share the data once you have been migrated to Workspace 2.0. Your Workspace 2.0 account will contain a file detailing your existing folder share information for you to reference for re-sharing.

What happens to folders others have shared with me?

The folders will no longer be shared in Workspace 2.0. You will need to contact the owner and ask them to re-share the data with you.

What happens to the external accounts created to access my shared folders on Workspace 1.0?

External accounts (non-UBC Staff and Faculty) will not be migrated. A new account will be created for external users in Workspace 2.0 when you "Invite" and share a folder with them. External users will still have access to the shared folder(s) until Workspace 1.0 has been completely deactivated.

Is it possible to get a list of users that I have shared folders with in Workspace 1.0?

During the migration process, sharing information will be extracted and provided in a file in your Workspace 2.0 account. You will need to sign into Workspace 2.0, review the sharing information (each will have the following icon: ) and re-share the folders from Workspace 2.0.

What happens to my Workspace 1.0 data after I'm migrated?

Your Workspace 1.0 account and data will remain available for 8 weeks following your migration. This will give you time to check what information was shared in Workspace 1.0, and re-establish that sharing in Workspace 2.0. After the 8 weeks are over, you will have read-only access for another 90 days.

What happens if I change data in Workspace 1.0 after I'm migrated?

Once files have been copied over to Workspace 2.0, users will be responsible for moving and re-sharing data added post-migration to Workspace 2.0. Any other changes made to Workspace 1.0 content after migration will not be copied or reflected in your Workspace 2.0 account.

How do I access and manage my data after I'm migrated?

A new web-based, self-service portal will be made available when the service is launched. Synchronization clients that allow you to view and/or synchronize data with your workstation/laptop or mobile device will be made available.

What happens to software I installed for Workspace 1.0?

If you installed any of the Horizon Workspace desktop/laptop or mobile clients, you will need to uninstall them when you no longer need to access Workspace 1.0.

Can I share links with Workspace 2.0?

Yes, you can share a link to a file. You have the option to password protect the link (you will need to provide the password to the person with whom you've shared the link).

Will there be training available for Workspace 2.0?

Yes, in addition to pre-scheduled in-person training, documentation will be updated during the pilot and made available prior to launch.

Where can I find more information about Workspace 2.0?

Additional details and links to resources will be updated on the Workspace 2.0 Project page. If you have any further questions, please contact