The UBC Directory contains contact information for faculties, faculty members, staff, administrative departments, and university services.
If you find inaccurate information or wish to update the directory, please contact your Department's Directory Administrator.

The UBC Directory is available in print and online formats:

  • The online directory has the most current information; it’s updated regularly by departmental administrators across campus

A department administrator or the department head (in cases where there is no existing administrator) send an email message to ubcdir@interchange.ubc.ca with the following information to request directory administrator access:

  • Interchange username (if available) of the person requiring access
  • Contact information (name, phone number and email address)
  • Department name

You only need to edit the name of the department. All information linked to the previous department name will then fall under the new department name.

Changes made to the online UBC Directory are reflected immediately on the site, making the online directory the most accurate source of information about faculty and staff at UBC. The printed directory is only accurate at the time of publication.