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Xerox is the preferred vendor for printers at UBC. Xerox UBC has a team of dedicated individuals that manage and support the fleet of Xerox copiers, laser printers and multi-function devices that are deployed throughout UBC.

The team provides flexible solutions that benefit UBC in a variety of ways. Cost savings are achieved by reducing the total cost of ownership and by centralizing supplies ordering. Sustainability initiatives are met by eliminating redundant machines and implementing new energy-efficient Xerox copier management and support. Productivity rates increase with better device reliability and proactive device management.

Getting Started

  • Xerox Office Print Products

    To select the proper printer/copier for your offices or labs, please contact UBC's Xerox Team at 604.221.4244 or Xerox will schedule an appointment with you to help assess your printing needs, and they will provide you with recommendations.

  • Xerox Personal Print Products

    A primary objective in Xerox services’ partnership with UBC has been to deliver cost savings and productivity improvements in a sustainable manner by reducing the number of smaller redundant print devices and consolidating them to Xerox multifunctional solutions that meet faculty and department needs. UBC recognizes, however, there may be a need to acquire a small desktop printer to fulfill a specific printing requirement.

    Xerox personal printers designed for for single or small workgroups of users (1 to 5 users) with a print volume of less than 1,000 pages per month.


    We recommend considering your monthly print volume when deciding on purchasing a personal printer. With personal printers, the average cost per page is approximately $0.05 for black and white and $0.24 per page for colour based on the number of prints per month and area of print coverage of 5%. In comparison, to print to a Xerox workgroup multi-function display, the cost is $0.01 for BW and $0.08 for color.

    To order

    Please visit Xerox online to order a personal printer.

    For additional product information, or need help deciding which printer is the correct choice for you, please contact UBC’s Xerox team at 604.221.4244 or


Support is available during business hours.

  • Xerox team on campus 604.221.4244 or

  • Xerox UBC Help Desk 1. 877.526.9243

  • Learn about the Xerox and UBC Contract