MATLAB Windows Installation Instructions

UBC IT runs the MATLAB licence manager from our server. Therefore, if you have acquired MATLAB through ITServices, you must install your MATLAB program as a network installation, but as a client. The installation procedure on a client system is almost identical to the procedure on a server; however, there are some differences. For example, in a client installation, you do not install the license manager. This table lists all the steps in the client installation procedure. For more detailed information about any of the steps, go to the description of the step in Installing MATLAB on a client system, which is from the MATLAP website.

NOTE: To install MATLAB you will need the Personal License Passcode (PLP) and the license.dat file or server information. This information should be provided when you purchase a copy of MATLAB.

Basic Network Installation Procedure Client Installation Notes
Step 1: Start the installer Insert the MathWorks product CD into the CD-ROM drive or double-click the installer file you downloaded from the MathWorks Web site. The MathWorks installer starts automatically, displaying the Welcome to the MathWorks Installer dialog box.

Select the Install option and click Next. (The Update license option is useful when you purchase a product after a trial and just want to update your license without reinstalling products

Step 2: Enter PLP (identification and licensing information) Enter your name, company name, and Personal License Password (PLP) in the License Information dialog box and click Next. Your PLP identifies the products you are licensed to install. If your PLP identifies a product that is not on any of CDs, the installer notifies you. To avoid typing errors, copy the PLP below and copy it into the dialog box. Take care to copy the entire PLP.

The PLP should be obtained from the IT Service Centre at time of purchase. If you do not have this information please contact Software Licensing.

Step 3: Review the software licensing agreement Review the software licensing agreement and, if you agree with the terms, select the Yes check box and click Next
Step 4: Specify type of installation You can select either Typical or Custom. Choose Custom to specify which products you want to install.
Step 5: Specify folder and products Do not select the license manager in the product list. You do not need to install the license manager on client systems.
Step 6: Specify installation options Installing the license manager as a service provides automatic startup at system boot time and centralizes administration of the license manager through the Windows Services control panel. If you choose not to install the license as a service, you can do it later.
Step 7: Confirm your choices Before it begins copying files to your hard disk, the MathWorks Installer displays a summary of your installation choices. To change a setting, click the Back button. To proceed with the installation, click Install.
Step 8: Read product configuration notes Review notes.
Step 9: Complete the installation To run MATLAB you must have a network connection.

License File Location

For client installations, you must specify the location of the processed License File created by the installer during the license manager installation on the license server. (Processed license files contain the SERVER and DAEMON lines. See Licensing Information for more information.) This table lists the location of the processed License File on PC and UNIX license servers.

License Server Platform Location of Processed License File on Server
PC running Windows $MATLAB\flexlm\license.dat
UNIX $MATLAB/etc/license.dat

In a client installation, the installer replaces the DAEMON line with the line USE_SERVER. The installer puts this version of the License File in the $MATLAB\bin\win32 folder.

If your license server is a UNIX system, you must remove the UNIX line-ending characters from the license.dat file before using it on a PC. For example, on Sun systems, use the unix2dos utility to perform this function.