Lower IT Administration Costs

Desktops can be set up in minutes, not hours and any issues can largely be handled remotely providing a more responsive and efficient technical support environment. Total cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 50%, lowering IT administration costs.

Improved Desktop Lifecycles

As most of the processing power is housed centrally, computer terminals don’t need to be replaced as frequently.


The use of thin terminals as welll as the consolidation of server resources has the potential to save up to 80% in energy usage over the current distributed computing environment.

Automatic Backup

All data is automatically and regularly backed up. Users can roll back changes by accessing multiple previous versions of files.

Automatic Updates

Users no longer need to worry about updating applications, system software or virus defintitions. All important updates happen automatically improving stability and security.

Accessible Anywhere

The virtual desktop is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection providing better telecommuting options than ever before.