The UBC IT Strategic Plan for 2009-2010 sets one of its 22 goals as "Develop an infrastructure strategy: UBC IT must focus its resources on infrastructure that will deliver the greatest possible benefit ... given the available resources. Investments in virtualization technology for servers, storage and networks must be linked to the goals and needs of key stakeholders, to reducing IT costs across UBC, and to reducing energy consumption and increasing sustainability."

We have discussed with University of Calgary and TELUS, how they designed, developed and used this technology. UofCalgary primarily uses VDI for a small group of researchers in their labs. TELUS has a deployment to 800 users ranging from developers, to process-oriented task workers, network provisioning team and operations support staff, both in Canada, and abroad. They chose VMWare primarily to overcome the complexity and latency issues associated with their previous Citrix platform. VMWare enabled TELUS to deploy applications much faster.

We have developed deploy/support/image management processes for Tier 1,2 support for any faculties/departments that choose to adopt VDI

We can arrange tours of departments to which have deployed VDI. Just contact us.

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