Voice Costs Using a cell phone outside your home area can incur both long distance charges and roaming charges. These costs can be very expensive. Roaming charges in North America are typically $1.45 - $2 a minute, plus the long distance charges. Costs outside North America can be significantly more, between $2 to $3 a minute - just for roaming charges.
Data Costs Costs to use smart phone data plans for tasks like checking your email, or browsing the web can be very high, as much as $3 per MB for North America, $25 MB in Europe.
Texting Even though you have texting plans, when you roam you pay an additional cost to text. Local carriers may charge in the range of .60 cents to $1 for each text you send while outside your local area.

We encourage you to consider the provisions of your plan before your travel, and make arrangements in advance with your service provider. Some options include:

  1. Purchasing a phone card in advance to make calls using a fixed line
  2. Purchasing a disposable cell phone in area you are travelling (Be sure to recycle your phone responsibly when you are finished using it!)
  3. Purchase additional data or voice packages that will provide service in the travel area
  4. Turn off the data package on your smart phone or other device and use WiFi to connect

Information on travel packages for the following plans are available here:

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