Internet Access Ports (IAPs) are a convenient way to access the internet, and provide a more stable connection than the wireless network.

Who Can Use This

Anybody with a free CWL account (UBC students, faculty, staff and guests) can use IAPs.

Technical Requirements

System Requirements Details
Account Campus-Wide Login Account
Must be configured to use DHCP

PC OS: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me, NT
Macintosh OS: 7.5.3 or later
Networking OS: Open Transport v.1.1 or later
Networking Hardware

A Network Interface Card (NIC) (also known as an Ethernet card)
Ethernet Cable / Ethernet Patch Cord (Cat 5 / RJ45)

Important note : The IAP configuration to your laptop may replace all, or part of, any existing network settings you currently have on your laptop. Ensure that you copy down your current network configuration addresses before you perform the IAP configuration, since you will need to reconfigure your laptop again with these other settings when you connect to the internet from off campus.


Internet Access Ports are free for anyone to use (provided you have a CWL account).