Content and Hosting Management

Content & Hosting Management

  • UBC IT Lecture Capture Services provides allocated hosting site, media storage, and management of content based on requirements
  • All lecture pre-scheduling for recording, advance recorder auto-start and stop where needed, auto publishing to editor's folder
  • Content editing to remove non-lecture content, replace innacurate slides with corrected info, remove speech errors if requested
  • Published to review and approve site if requested, or published directly to web catalogue or LMS catalogues by trained UBC IT staff
  • Work with faculty's IT and AV services to ensure proper connectivity and AV system setup
  • Customized players with faculty banners, instructor bios or profiles, and contact info integrated into presentation recordings
  • Conversion of content to slides-only and audio presentation if no video is preferred
  • All captured content is fully backed up daily

Publishing Services

  • Publishing of captured video completed semi-weekly and no earlier than 24 hours after the class is held during a regular semester. Publishing is accelerated to daily completion during midterm and end of term exam periods (this can be tailored to meet your requirements)
  • Liaising with online instructional designers/course managers to provide appropriate links and content as needed to LMS and distance learning projects
  • Digital content secured and made available to faculty. Secure downloading for archiving and/or repurposing of recorded content for future use
  • Note: All recordings are 100% secure and cannot be copied without administrative permissions

Lecture Capture User Features

  • HD or SD video recording of instructor with supporting visual content from any electronic display sourse
  • Slide capture indexing
  • Text search indexing of all supporting visual content with an integrated search tool built into the web-viewer for quick search of on-demand content
  • Playback on all major web browsers
  • Mobile device playback for iPad, Android and Blackberry tablet and smartphone systems
  • Integrated Q/A link for student submission of questions to instructor's email address when watching (can be disabled by request)

Training and Orientation

  • Software user and capture system training
  • Instructor and staff orientation to ensure audio and video capture meets requirements for published content
  • Key personnel training for self-managing events (if required)
  • Key personnel training on use of content and system upgrades (annually)

System Support

  • Routine system monitoring for quality assurance of recorded content
  • Software and server system maintained to most current software release (when needed)
  • Recorder software maintained to most current software release (when needed)

Reporting Services

  • Comprehensive user reports - including who watched, how long video was viewed, active area of lectures watched, online browser platform used (including mobile devices), overall viewership and activity usage with LMS programs. 
  • We can provide reports, or can give faculty access to generate these reports at their convenience