Price List for On-Campus Event Services

Price List for On-Campus Event Services

 Mobile Lecture Capture - On Demand Viewing & Webcast - includes SD camera, sound and data recording equipment, operator, editing, custom player, publishing and hosting online for 6 months (UBC faculties only)

Single Session - Up to 2 hours plus setup/takedown Up to 3 hours 1/2 Day - up to 4 hours Full Day - up to 6 hours Additional Days (same venue)
 $575  $675  $875  $1075  $875

 Mobile Live Webcasting Services - all above services and includes pre-event webcast links, e-vites, QA, and polling services, a "Who's Watching" report (online registration of viewers if requested), post event trim editing, publishing, and hosting (full sessions)     

 $750  $875  $975  $1275  $975
Segmenting and Cataloguing Services - Create individual sessions or segments from partial day or full day events and publish to an online, searchable and custom catalogue. Extends content to full year hosting service of catalogue.
Up to 1/2 day: $150 Up to full day: $250

* For off campus web capture and live events add an additional $200 for single event sessions up to $400 for full day event plus travel cost if outside of Vancouver city area.

Supplemental Mobile Capture and Webcast Services & Rates

   Single Session up to 2 hours plus setup/takedown  Up to 3 hours  1/2 Day - up to 4 hours Full Day - up to 6 hours   Additional Days (same venue)
Upgrade to HD camera and HD webcast system  Add $175  Add $275  Add $375  Add $500  Add $375
 Second camera system, operator and SD switcher  Add $475  Add $575  Add $675  Add $875  Add $675
 Studio capture services  $475  $575  $775  $975  $775
 Studio live events  $595  $725  $925  $1175  $925
 Hybrid webcasts of video conference events  Add $75 to webcast rates    Add $125 to webcast rates  Add $100 to webcast rates

Additional Services & Pricing

Closed captioning: post-event $6/minute of lecture content - or quote provided based on job requirements
captioning: live webcast Available via 3rd party provider. Quote for event will be provided in advance
Marketing and promotion Includes e-invitations, scheduled reminders, social media notifications, mail-out services, and advertising. Prices based on event requirements
Pay-per-view services Online registration and pay by credit card services - Costs are based on event requirements and can be a flat fee or per-attendee comission rate
Multi-lingual webcasts Includes interpreter booth and sound equipment, dual webcast encoders, and live translators. Prices are based on language requirements and venue location
Media conversion, multimedia and post production services $125 per hour post production, further quotes for projects will be provided.
Desktop recording service Standalone lecture or screen capture service set up $125 and $75/content/hour publishing to hosting server or disc as required