Repairing an Infected Computer

Please following these Sophos guides to assist in removing viruses, trojans, worms, and other malware:

Basic Guide

If Sophos Anti-Virus detects a virus on your computer, you will need to remove the virus by visiting the Sophos website and following their virus removal instructions.

  1. Record the name of the virus that Sophos has detected.
  2. Open the Sophos Anti-Virus program, click on the View menu and select Virus Library (This information can also be found on the online Sophos Threat Analyses.
  3. Research the virus and follow the virus removal instructions.
  4. Usually you would access the Quarantine after a Full System Scan and perform actions such as Clean Up or Delete (for viruses and malware) or Authorize (if it is a known valid program).

sophos cleanup

If you do not feel comfortable removing the virus yourself, you will need to take it to a professional support technician. There are a number of vendors that will perform this service for a fee, such as: