Survey Guidelines

Guidelines for UBC Administration Student Surveys


UBC Chief Data Office, the Student Experience Evaluation and Research Office (SEER) in the Vancouver Campus and the Office of Planning and Institutional Research in the Okanagan Campus  are working together to provide guidelines to help plan administrative student surveys and to ensure information about these types of surveys undertaken in the University is available to the researcher community.

Over the past few years there has been a large increase in the number of surveys administered across campus. Given the increasing profile and importance of large institutional survey results, such as the Undergraduate Experience Survey, it is imperative that results be meaningful and reliable and that the deployment of surveys are coordinated to maximize response rates. Survey fatigue has been experienced by many students and it has become a serious concern to UBC, thus survey coordination is critical.

The survey guideline intent is to have administrative student surveys be coordinated to the extent possible:

  • To avoid content duplication, sample overlap, survey fatigue and scheduling conflict;
  • To maximize the participant response rates for university administrative surveys intended to support the strategic priorities for UBC; and
  • To ensure information about significant student surveys planned and underway is available to all survey researchers to inform their own planning.


It is understood that the guideline does not apply to many surveys that take place in the University. The guideline excludes those student surveys which:

  • have been approved by the Research Ethics group;
  • are conducted as part of faculty research, curricular assessment, or teaching evaluation;
  • involve a small, specific sampling methodology;
  • include evaluation of an event participation or feedback related to a particular service;
  • apply to prospective students or alumni members.


If you are interested in or planning to conduct an administrative student survey, please inform Student Experience Evaluation and Research (SEER) at for the Vancouver Campus and Stephanie McKeown at for the Okanagan Campus for advice and to help answer any questions. More information about the guidelines can be found here: governance/standards/(survey guidelines)

For any other inquiries, you can contact