UBC Video Share Powered by Kaltura


UBC Video Share is a system for uploading, sharing, storing, and searching videos. Powered by Kaltura (a leading video storage platform), UBC Video Share makes it faster and more convenient to upload videos from your computer or to record videos via webcam.

Features & Benefits

  • The centralized video platform can be used for importing, encoding/transcoding, organizing, securing, streaming, and disseminating video content to a host of devices used on campus
  • Analytics can be used for assessment and improvement of video use
  • The system is fully integrated with Connect and allow users to record, upload, and store videos in Connect. These videos will be transcoded for easier viewing on multiple devices, stored in a central platform, and be available for searching and viewing.
  • The system will include a platform for sharing videos outside of Connect, which will enable users to share videos publicly, assign videos to a Gallery for easier sharing and grouping, and assign videos to Channels where access can be limited to a specified user list.



Faculty, staff, researchers, students, and central groups

Getting Started

The UBC Video Share beta is a one-year period of discovery designed to allow for user feedback and for UBC IT to adjust the new platform as required for optimal performance. Over this initial year, UBC Video Share will be open and available to all Connect users and an already defined sub-set of pilot users. The focus of the beta period is to stabilize the service and then expand UBC Video Share's capabilities to meet the myriad of video-related needs of the UBC community.


  • Normal business hours for UBC IT’s services and support will be 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Mon-Fri for all incident, request, provisioning and support services. This is notwithstanding statutory holidays and/or any other vacation days recognized by UBC.

  • UBC Video Share services are presumed to be available 24 hours per day, and 7 days a week (except during published maintenance windows available) unless stated otherwise.

  • For any support requests regarding UBC Video Share, please contact the UBC IT Help Desk.