UBCNET Description

If you are looking to set up a network connection in your existing building, wanting to modify your current network setup, or interested in getting a network connection for your new building, UBC IT can help. We will work with your network administrator to implement the network that fits your department's needs.

Data networks these days have become critical to the daily operation of all UBC departments and faculties. It is important to have a network that properly meets your department or faculties' needs whether that means added security, increased speed, or being cost effective. UBC IT can help you ensure all of your needs are met.

With the advent of IP Telephony or VoIP at UBC to deliver high quality voice service, the data and voice networks are converging. If you are interested in finding out how VoIP can be implemented in your building, or if you are just interested in finding out more about VoIP, feel free to contact us.

UBC IT can also assist the many non-UBC groups located on the campus with their network and connectivity needs.

If you would like more information on how we can help with your network connectivity questions, please contact us at connectivity-requests@it.ubc.ca.

UBC Switch Upgrade Program

A portion of the yearly network fees that the University and departments pay goes towards the UBC Switch Upgrade Program. This is a program designed to keep the network switches in all core buildings at UBC up-to-date with current technologies. UBC IT replaces the networking equipment in these buildings on campus on roughly a 5-year schedule. Buildings scheduled to have their network equipment upgraded do not have to fund the upgrade, but we do appreciate your cooperation while we replace the equipment. Buildings are upgraded based on the age of current network equipment and on the needs of the occupying departments.

For more information regarding the switch upgrade program, please contact us at connectivity-requests@it.ubc.ca.