To access your Home Drive, map or mount it in your operating system. Please refer to the Setup Documents page to learn how to map your Home Drive.

You probably need to map your Home Drive on your computer. Though your EAD account has access to a Home Drive, there is no connection to it yet. If a reboot of your computer does not automatically mount it, please refer to the Setup Documents page.

VDI users:
In order to see your Home Drive, you should only need to log out of your VDI session and log back in.

Yes. To recover deleted or older versions of files, please refer to the Setup Documents page.

Only files deleted or modified within the last 30 days can be recovered.

UBC Employees are is provided with 20GB in their Home Drive at no cost.  More space can be requested in 10 GB increments, to a maximum of 100 GB. For information on requesting additional storage, please visit our Cost page.

All files saved within your Home Drive are counted by file size against the your quota.

Some Operating Systems will report Size and Size on disk or on disk
The lower value of Size is used to calculate space used against your quota.

Customers will receive an email warning, from no-reply@it.ubc.ca, to the email address attached to their EAD account, when their Home Drive usage reaches 100% of their quota.

There will be weekly emails during the subsequent 30 day grace period.

If you have been over quota for 30 days or your usage reaches 10 GB more than your quota, write access to your Home Drive will be denied. Write access will be restored once you have reduced your usage below your quota or additional quota is requested and added.

When the quota hits 100% capacity, the customer will be notified that they have reached capacity.  There is a 30 day grace period until the directory is locked (no new files or folders can be created). New files and folders can be created once storage is below the quota or additional quota is requested and added.

You will receive a weekly notification email until you are under your quota or have purchased additional quota.

When you have been over your quota for 30 days or your Home Drive usage reaches 10 GB more than your quota, write access is locked.

You will be able to access your files but will not be able to save until you reduce your usage; by deleting files and/or directories or you purchase additional quota.

Yes. To apply for additional space, please visit our Cost page.  Please note that requests for additional space must be approved and submitted by your Department Administrator.  If you need assistance in locating your department administrator, please contact the IT Service Centre Help Desk.

When you view the properties of your mounted Home Drive, you may see the capacity, free, and used space for the disk that contains your Home Drive data. This is usage information for all users on that disk, not just your use.

To see how much space you are using, select all of the top level files and folders in your Home Drive, then right click and select Properties (Microsoft Windows) or Get Info (macOS).

The value that counts against your quota is Size, not Size on disk.