Technical Details


The shared web hosting service runs Interworx to provide a reliable and scalable web hosting system that provides a control panel to administrators and website owners, allowing self-management of hosted websites.

Web Hosting Platform

Our web hosting infrastructure runs on a standard LAMP platform:

  • Linux (RHEL 6)
  • Apache 2
  • MySQL 5.5
  • PHP 5.3

The web hosting environment offers web-based access to your hosting account through a control panel. After your account has been initially provisioned, you are able to manage all aspects of the hosting service including creation of domains, additional FTP or control panel accounts, view website statistics and schedule backups of your site.

Responsibility Chart

While UBC IT manages the overall infrastructure and ensures servers are kept up to date, website content (including any content management system), design and architecture are the responsibility of the client. The below table outlines the various areas of responsibility:

UBC Web Hosting Web Site Owner Responsiblities
Overall maintenance of web hosting infrastructure.
Server  LAMP software and security updates.
Resource monitoring and allocation to ensure optimum server performance.
.Authority to disable a website if compromised.

x Report immediately to UBC IT if they suspect their website has been compromised.

Content Management System updates (for CMS-based sites).

x Website content creation / updates / management.

x End-to-end website testing.

x Information architecture, design and usability of websites.

x Client-written application issues.
 xInstalling SSL certificates on website.