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System Administrator Responsibilities

The table below defines the roles that UBC IT and the Department System Administrator will assume in deploying and maintaining VSS.

UBC IT Owner UBC Department Owner Responsiblities
(Initial) (Ongoing) Firewall Configuration. All firewall rules required for secure access to the Systems. It is not common, but in some cases UBC IT will manage the firewall after the initial configuration. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.
(Initial) (Ongoing) Load balancing. Configuration and support of load balancing for the Web tier of the Systems.

x Maintenance of the UBC Department's virtual Operating System(s), applications or content on the VS.

x Maintain patches for their VS after the initial installation. This is to prevent any incompatibilities between the patches and the applications running on the VS.

x Responsible for the security of their VS.
Run regular network vulnerability scans on the VS and advise owner if there are potential vulnerabilities with their VS.

x If a VS fails a security scan, customers have five working (5) days to rectify the situation.

x Report immediately to UBC IT if they suspect their VS has been compromised.
Authority to immediately remove the VS from the network if UBC IT suspects the VS has been compromised putting other VS or the network at risk.
Backup of OS, data and configurations; restore on request by the UBC Department or in case of system failure.

x End-to-end application testing, including following repair or restore actions.
Software upgrades on the physical servers storing the VS images.
Overall maintenance of the virtual infrastructure supporting the VS.