Virtual Server Services FAQ


How do I order a VS?
Go to the VSS web form and fill out the requested information.

What information do I need to know before ordering a VS?
The information you need to know is billing contact information, accounting information (including Speedchart Code and signing officer) and technical contact information (including CWL account).

Which browsers can I use to access the VSS Management console?
At this time, only Mozilla Firefox is supported via a plugin. The console will not work with Internet Explorer.

Will the confidential data on my VS be safe if it's sitting alongside another VS hosting non-sensitive data on the same server?
Virtual servers on the same physical server are secure and completely isolated from one another so security is not an issue.

How often is data backed up?
Backup snapshots to disk are performed daily and weekly.

How long are backups stored?
Daily backups are stored for 28 days while weekly snapshots are kept for 12 weeks. Longer archival backup is available if you need it.

How do I request recovery from a backup of my VS?
To request a recovery from backup snapshots, submit your request using the IT - System Operations team request form.

Where are the backups stored?
All replicated data is stored locally in British Columbia.

What are some security precautions I can take to protect my VS?
IT has compiled some Basic Security Practices that can help protect you.

What should I do if I suspect my VS has been compromised, hacked or tampered with in some manner?
Report this immediately to IT.

If my VS fails an IT security scan, how long do I have to rectify the situation?
You have five working (5) days to rectify the situation.

Who is responsible for patching and managing the software?
Your server was provisioned with a basic set of software packages, and was patched to the latest available patch level at the time. However, you are responsible for installation of any additional software required for their applications, and for keeping the system and application software current and patched.

Can I get a copy of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
You can download a copy of the SLA here (PDF 42KB).