Workspace 2.0


Workspace 2.0 is an on-campus cloud based file sharing service. Workspace offers an easy and secure way for staff and faculty to share files, both internally and externally with colleagues, partners and clients, on any supported device. It also enables UBC to centrally deliver, manage and secure data, while complying with Canadian, Provincial and UBC security requirements.

Workspace 2.0 is available to all current UBC employees. Those who are not UBC employees may access Workspace when shared to by a UBC employee.

Features & Benefits

  • 20GB of storage at no cost
  • Meets UBC policy and BC legislative requirements
  • Allows collaboration internally and externally
  • Provides access to data anywhere and anytime
  • Shares files seamlessly via folders
  • Works using web browsers on most computers, smartphones, and tablets
  • Native clients for many smartphones, tablets, and computers

Further Information

H:Drive TeamShare SharePoint UBC Workspace
A file repository for individuals A shared file repository for teams. Online intranet used for document management, storage, communication and collaboration among teams. File sharing service for individuals accessible from anywhere, via multiple devices, and browsers. No VPN required.
Who can use it?
Users with an EAD account Users with an EAD account Users with an EAD account UBC Employee EAD account holders.
Note that files in Workspace are owned by individuals. Generic/Department accounts are not permitted in EAD.
Who administers it?
Self-managed Provisioned by IT administrator Provisioned by IT administrator Self-managed
How can you connect to it?
Through on campus network or VPN using EAD account Through on campus network or VPN using EAD account Through on campus network or VPN using EAD account Accessible anywhere via web login page (and desktop and mobile device clients)
Does it support collaboration?
No sharing option available Files shared with immediate team-level (1 to many) Files shared on team-level (1 to many; many to many)
Files shared on user-level (1 to 1) Files shared on community level  (full  access)
Files shared on team-level (1 to many)
Files shared on user-level (1 to 1) Files can be shared within UBC or outside

Known Issues

  • Mac OS X / macOS Secure Content Locker Sync client Installation issues
  • The maximum path length including the file name and enclosing folders is 260 characters for any given file. The Workspace Content Locker Sync app will not be able to sync files or folders exceeding this limit. This is an Operating System limit for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
    It usually appears for shared folders, where the sharing user has a local path that is shorter than users being shared to.
  • When connecting to Workspace with a desktop client, you receive the message:
    "Password Expired. Please log in again"    OR
    When accessing a file in the web interface you receive the message:
    "Permission Denied"
    1. Check that the clock on your computer is set to the correct time and date. If the date is correct,  please check the following
    2. Go to the AirWatch Content Locker Sync Settings (from your System Tray or Toolbar)
      Select the Operations tab
      Look for a filename(s) with the comment 'Password Expired' beside it
      Either delete the file from the server (using the web interface at or upload the file again from a computer that has the file
    3. Try Synchronizing again.
    4. It may be neccessary to repeat for other files, but if the issue continues, please submit a ticket to the IT Service Centre
  • Content Rendering features in the Self-Service Portal (Web Interface) have been disabled due to technical issues. As a result, the portal will not display preview images of selected content (e.g. Documents, photos, spreadsheets, text files, etc) prior to download, nor will you be able to use the “view only” feature for shared links. This feature will be re-enabled at a future date after the existing issues are resolved.
  • Files exceeding 2047MB (Just under 2GB) are not properly uploading via the Self-Service Portal or Content Locker Sync. Therefore, the maximum file size has been reduced from 8GB to 2047MB.
  • Character limitations may impact synchronizing with Desktop Sync clients:
    Avoid using the following characters in filenames:
        em dash - from Microsoft Offfice
        Some international character sets may also have problems
  • Users with either "<"  or ">" in their password may have problems logging in.
  • Empty files cannot be uploaded to Workspace, either with a web browser or a desktop sync client.
  • Downloading files, using Firefox, where the file has a space in its name, may result in downloading a file with a truncated name.
  • When downloading the Content Locker Sync Client,one may receive a message that it 'is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer'.
    At this point, this is expected behaviour.
  • Using Chrome or Safari in Mac OS X, some windows may not display scroll bars. Current work arounds include:
    1. Using Firefox
    2. On your computer, In System Preferences --> General
      Change Show Scroll Bars to Always

Getting Started

To start using Workspace

  1. All UBC Active UBC employees are automatically provisioned with Workspace 2.0 access.
    Workspace provisioning may take up to 24 hours after your appointment is active and an email address is attached to your EAD account
  2. Go to
  3. Enter Group ID: UBC
  4. Enter your Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) login credentials under the Username and Password. (For most, this is the same as your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) login information)



  • Workspace is available 24/7, except during a weekly maintenance window every Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

  • To report an issue and to provide feedback about the service, please contact the IT Service Centre