Workspace 2.0


Notice: Workspace 2.0 was decommissioned on October 29, 2021

Faculty and staff who previously used Workspace 2.0 as a storage solution, please utilize another UBC supported storage service to store and backup your files.

UBC offers several options for Faculty and Staff to safely and securely store their electronic files. The storage solutions available to utilize are either, cloud based with files being stored offsite at a Canadian data center, or accessible only by the individual.

Which service you choose to use will depend on the nature of the information you are storing, as well as whom you may wish to share that information with. To determine which storage option fits your needs, please review the service descriptions below.

File Storage Options Available to You

Files remaining on Workspace 2.0 after October 29, 2021

After October 29, 2021, any remaining files in Workspace 2.0 are permanently unavailable. There is no possibility of restoring or retrieving forgotten files.