Workspace 2.0



Please note that Workspace 2.0 is expected to be decommissioned in the near future. The Application it runs on is end-of-life and no longer supported by the vendor.
It is being replaced by Microsoft OneDrive, which is now available to the UBC Community.
Users are encouraged to move their data from Workspace to OneDrive. There will not be an automatic data migration.

Application Compatibility - macOS, iOS, Android

  • AirWatch Content Locker Sync, which provides desktop file synchronization for Workspace, is currently only compatible with macOS 10.12 and 10.13. It is not compatible with other macOS/Mac OS X versions.
  • As of September 18, 2020, Content - Workspace ONE Apps for Android and iOS no longer work with Workspace 2.0.

Workspace 2.0 is an on-campus cloud based file sharing service. Workspace offers an easy and secure way for staff and faculty to share files, both internally and externally with colleagues, partners and clients, on any supported device. It also enables UBC to centrally deliver, manage and secure data, while complying with Canadian, Provincial and UBC security requirements.

Workspace 2.0 was available to all UBC employees. Those who are not UBC employees may access Workspace when shared to by a UBC employee.

Workspace 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

Features & Benefits

  • 20GB of storage at no cost to users
  • Meets UBC policy and BC legislative requirements
  • Allows collaboration internally and externally
  • Provides access to data anywhere and anytime
  • Shares files seamlessly via folders or links
  • Works using web browsers on most computers, smartphones, and tablets

Getting Started

To start using Workspace

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Group ID: UBC
  3. Enter your Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) login credentials under the Username and Password. (For most, this is the same as your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) login information)