Known Issues

Workspace Known Issues

  • Workspace Decommissioning
    Workspace 2.0 will be decommissioned on October 29, 2021.
    If you have files in Workspace, please move them to one of the other UBC Storage solutions before October 29th.
    UBC IT does not have access to user files, so Workspace files will NOT be automatically migrated.
    Also see the Workspace to OneDrive Migration Guide
  • Workspace Decommissioning - Employee Account Provisioning ended
    As of September 2020, UBC Employees will no longer be provisioned with full Workspace access. They can still be shared to as Guest/External users.
    Employees who were provisioned with Workspace access before that date and have continued as an active employee, without break, will continue with full Workspace access.
  • Android and iOS End of Support
    As of September 18, 2020, the Content - Workspace ONE App no longer supports Workspace
  • macOS / Mac OS X compatibility
    Currently Airwatch Content Locker Sync, providing desktop synchronization for computers,  is only supported on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and 10.13 (High Sierra).
    It is no longer supported on other versions of Apple Computer OS's.
  • Quota Full - but space used on local computer less than quota
    There are two common possibilities
    • The quota includes files that have been deleted and moved to the Trash. These files are not sync'd to the local computer.
      To resolve, log in to the web portal (, select Trash, and delete specific items or Empty the Trash
    • Larger files are frequently updated.
      Whenever files are updated, previous versions are kept and are included in your quota usage. You can see how many versions of a file there are under the file name (eg v1.0).
      To remove older copies, click on the file name and then select versions to be deleted. Or you can increase your quota..
  • Failed Sync - This message may occur intermittently due to network issues and/or as computers reconnect when starting or waking up.
    Normally, subsequent syncs will be successful.
    If a sync is never successful, please submit a support ticket
  • Unable to Empty Trash
    More commonly seen with files/folders deleted some time ago.
    If both clicking Empty Trash and selecting the item and the clicking Delete do not work, try the following:
    - Restore an folder/file; Delete; then Select it in Trash and Delete from there
    - If that works, then Select all items (being careful you don't restore over top of any new files with the same name); then Restore, Delete  and Delete from Trash
  • Maximum file name length including the file name and enclosing folders is 260 characters for any given file. This is an Operating System limit for Microsoft Windows and macOS. The Content Locker Sync application will not be able to sync files or folders exceeding this limit.
    It usually appears for shared folders, where the sharing user has a local path that is shorter than that for users being shared to.
  • Invalid Characters - Microsoft Windows and macOS Operating System character limitations may impact synchronizing with Desktop Sync clients:
    Avoid using the following characters in filenames:
        em dash, smart quotes - from Microsoft Office
        Some international character sets may also have problems
  • Email Invite without Password - You are an external/guest user and receive an email stating somone has shared a folder with you, but no password is included.
    This happens when you have been previously shared with from a UBC Workspace user. Only the initial email from Workspace includes a password. Use this password  or if you don't know the password, reset it by selecting the Trouble Logging In link on the sign in page.
  • Empty files - Files less than 1 KB in size cannot be uploaded to Workspace, either with a web browser or a desktop sync client.
  • Unable to Fetch Terms of Use - message seen when configuring Airwatch Content Locker Sync.  This usually indicates that the local computer time is incorrect.  Correct the time and try again.
  • Users with either "<" or ">" in their password may have problems logging in.
  • When downloading and installing the Content Locker Sync Client, one may receive a message that it 'is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer'.
    At this point, this is expected behaviour.
  • Personal Content folder on a network drive.  Although this may work, it is not supported.  If you are seeing synchronization issues that are not due to other causes (character issues, locked files, etc), please move your Personal Content to a local drive.
  • Content Rendering features in the Self-Service Portal (Web Interface) have been disabled due to technical issues. As a result, the portal will not display preview images of selected content (e.g. Documents, photos, spreadsheets, text files, etc) prior to download, nor will you be able to use the "view only" feature for shared links.