Pay for Print


Pay for Print is a service that allows students, faculty, staff, and visitors at UBC to print, copy and scan documents efficiently. Pay for Print uses a unified system of payment via the UBCcard to allow anyone to use specially marked printers which are located across campus. This service enables a uniform payment mechanism and accounting service to allow departments to offer students, faculty and staff access to printing services with their UBCcard.

Visitors to the campus are also able to use the Pay for Print service by purchasing a re-loadable guest card to pay for printing services on specially marked printers. These re-loadable cards are available from any Library Circulation Desk or Food Services Outlet.

Please note: Most students will need to update their CWL password before using the Pay for Print service. You can reset your CWL password on the CWL My Account page.

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces the aging printing infrastructure currently in place at various departments across campus
  • Simplifies the user experience for printing
  • Pay for Print printers are located throughout the university
  • Print jobs can easily be submitted from public access workstations in the library, participating departmental student labs, or online at
  • Account balance can be managed online via the web dashboard

Further Information

Students, faculty and staff need to have a valid EAD account to access the Pay for Print service. If you are a student, your EAD account is CWLusername.stu (add a ".stu" to the end of your current cwl ID) and is used to register for courses at UBC. Visitors to UBC can purchase a UBC Guest Card; the number and pin code on this card allows access to Pay for Print services.

Students, faculty and staff will need to first activate and add funds to a UBCcard account in order to utilize the Pay for Print service. Accounts can be activated at or

Windows, MAC OSX and unix printing is supported.

Departments wishing to partner with Pay for Print can contact UBC IT via

Getting Started