Client Service Manager Portfolios

Faculty/Department Client Service Manager
Client Service Manager
Animal Care Services Seena Zhang ​Fully Supported
​Athletics and Recreation​ ​Shirley Tanoto   Fully Supported
​Building Operations ​​Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​Campus Security (including Access Services) ​​Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT) Aarti Paul   ​Single Point of Contact
CIRS Building Aarti Paul ​Fully Supported
​Development and Alumni Engagement Robert Padwick ​Fully Supported
​Energy and Water Services Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
Enrolment Services Edith Domingue ​Fully Supported
​Extended Learning Edith Domingue ​Fully Supported
Entrepreneurship@UBC ​​Shirley Tanoto* ​Fully Supported
Faculty of Applied Sciences Cameron Smithers ​Ron Siy /  Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
Faculty of Arts ​Robert Padwick Single Point of Contact​
Faculty of Dentistry Michael Berdan
​Fully supported
Faculty of Education Seena Zhang ​​Fully Supported
​Faculty of Forestry Seena Zhang ​Single Point of Contact
Faculty of Graduate & Post Doctorate Studies Edith Domingue ​​​Fully Supported
Faculty of Land and Food Systems Seena Zhang ​Single Point of Contact
Faculty of Law Seena Zhang ​Fully Supported
Faculty of Medicine

Baljit Chahal

  ​Single Point of Contact​
    Carles Vilanno-Guell Lab ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
    CAN (Centre for Applied Neurogenetics) ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​    Centre for Brain Health ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​    CHSPR - Health Services & Policy Research Centre ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​   Complex Disorder - Hotel Study ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​    HELP (Human Early Learning Partnership) ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​    Pacific Parkinson Clinic ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​    SPPH OEH (Occupational and Environmental Hygiene) ​Baljit Chahal   ​​Fully Supported
​    UBC Clinic, Family Practice ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​    UBC Health ​Baljit Chahal ​Fully Supported
​    Digital Solutions (previously MedIT) supported units

Baljit Chaha

​Single Point of Contact
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Baljit Chahal ​Ben Jan ​​Fully Supported
Faculty of Science Robert Padwick ​Multiple models
    Beaty Museum ​Robert Padwick ​Fully Supported
​    Botanical Gardens ​​Robert Padwick ​​Fully Supported
    Dean's Office ​Robert Padwick ​Fully Supported
​    Institute of Oceans and Fisheries ​Robert Padwick ​Fully Supported
    Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability ​Robert Padwick ​​Fully Supported
    Life Sciences Institute (Administration) ​Robert Padwick ​​Fully Supported
Finance Mike Nichols ​​Fully Supported
​First Nations House of Learning Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported​
​Go Global Mike Nichols ​Fully Supported
​Green College Aarti Paul ​Fully Supported
​Human Resources Mike Nichols ​Fully Supported
​IC-IMPACTS Cameron Smithers / Ron Siy ​Fully Supported
​Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre Edith Domingue ​Fully Supported
​Infrastructure Development Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​Internal Audit & Office of Enterprise Risk and Assurance Shirley Tanoto ​​Fully Supported
​International Student Initiative Edith Domingue ​Fully Supported
​Library James Tuckett   Fully Supported
Museum of Anthropology Shirley Tanoto ​​Fully Supported
​Office of Vice Provost Health ​​Baljit Chahal   ​Fully Supported
Old Admin Building Mike Nichols ​Fully Supported
​Parking Services ​Robert Padwick ​Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​Payment & Procurement Services ​Mike Nichols ​Fully Supported
​Pension Administration Office Mike Nichols ​​Fully Supported
Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​Safety and Risk Services Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
Sauder School of Business Brady Chu
  ​​Fully Supported
​St. John's College ​Aarti Paul ​Fully Supported
​Student Development & Services Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported
​Student Housing & Hospitality Services ​Chris Yong ​​Fully Supported
Treasury ​Mike Nichols ​Fully Supported
​UBC Investment Management Trust Mike Nichols ​Fully Supported
​Office of University Counsel Shirley Tanoto ​Fully Supported
​Vantage College Aarti Paul ​​Fully Supported
​Vancouver Summer Program ​Mike Nichols ​Fully Supported
​Vice-President External Relations  Edith Domingue
​​Fully Supported
​​    Ceremonies & Events Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Communications Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Government Relations Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Learning Exchange Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported
​    Campus and Community Planning ​Edith Domingue ​Fully Supported
​​​    Community Engagement Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported
​​​    Robson Square Brady Chu
  ​​Fully Supported
​​​    University Marshall Edith Domingue ​​Fully Supported​
​UBC Okanagan (Engagement Services and Leadership) ​Todd Zimmerman ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO AVP Students ​Justin Avdich ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Enrolment Services ​Justin Avdich ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Library ​Justin Avdich ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Provost ​Justin Avdich ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Administration & Operations                  ​Erin Trifunov ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Student Housing and Community Services ​Erin Trifunov ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Development and Alumni ​Erin Trifunov ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Faculties (including Southern Medical Program) Rebecca Kaus ​Fully Supported
​    UBCO Grad Studies Rebecca Kaus ​Fully Supported
Xerox contract and relationship ​Aarti Paul

Note: * indicates temporary coverage