Strategy. Applications. Infrastructure. Support

UBC's Department of Information Technology provides IT-related strategy, applications, infrastructure, and support services to the UBC community. Providing services from multimedia production to wireless internet access - one of the largest campus wireless networks in the world, UBC IT ensures that leading-edge technology is readily accessible to faculty and students to compliment their teaching and learning experience.

UBC IT also provides partnering and planning services to the UBC community through many mechanisms, including initiatives and working groups. Find out more about opportunities to get involved or see what's under discussion at our Committees and Working Groups page.

Our Vision

We are a service organization that continually engages with our community to provide technology which enables an exceptional learning and research environment at UBC.

Key Resources

Strategic Framework

This plan was developed in order to establish the goals and objectives for the coming fiscal year.

Annual Report

Focusing on Collaboration, Cost-effectiveness, Security, and Client Support

UBC IT Layout

Please refer to Workday for the most current Organization Chart information. For any related inquiries, please connect with the UBC IT HR at ubcuit-g-ubcithr@mail.ubc.ca

Life Cycle Planning & Service Classification

Products and software reach the end of their life cycle for many reasons. This is how UBC IT recognizes and addresses this.


Commitments and Goals
UBC IT has made specific commitments, each paired with goals designed to see them through.


Client Service Manager Portfolios
To support delivery of services and projects, our Client Service Managers work with Faculties and Departments to better understand their current and future needs. Find out the Faculties and Departments that our Client Service Managers are supporting.



UBC Finance and IT Governance Review

The offices of the Vice-President Finance and Chief Information Officer have released recommendations from the UBC Finance and IT Governance Review. The mandate of the review, conducted by the consulting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers, was to identify any gaps in governance or capabilities and to propose a high-level roadmap to address them.

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