Don’t Lose your Access to UBC’s Adobe Subscription

Are you currently using Adobe products through UBC’s subscription service? If so, you will need to sign up for a new license via the UBC Software Portal by February 28, 2021 to prevent disruption to your service.

UBC is updating its current staff and faculty Adobe license distribution method from a manual process that required requests be submitted through UBC’s IT Service Centre. 

What to expect with the new license distribution method

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Learning Analytics is Helping UBC Adapt to a New Way of Learning

As UBC continues to shift towards online learning, there is an increasing need to explore new ways of supporting students and faculty. Learning Analytics...

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Get Free Access to Microsoft 365 Office Applications

UBC students can now download Microsoft 365 Office applications from Microsoft’s ...

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Arthur Protasio Narrative Design for Traditional and New Media Workshop

What makes for a memorable story? Why does it stick with us even after the experience is over? How does it happen in movies, video games, and VR? Join...

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