You’re invited to the Teaching with Technology Showcase

This September marked UBC’s successful soft launch of Canvas—the new online learning platform that will replace Connect by next year. This semester, students and faculty in over 1,000 course sections got to try out the new system, and that’s just one of the many learning technology projects on campus that we’re excited about.

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Help finalize UBC’s strategic plan

UBC is in the final stages of a comprehensive strategic planning process. The new plan will serve as a road map, helping us focus even more intently on...

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UBC has a new landing page for all things Canvas

This fall marked UBC’s soft launch of Canvas, the new user-friendly online course platform that’s gradually replacing Connect at UBC. So far, nearly 27,...

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month

At UBC, we are responsible for a significant amount of sensitive personal information, including student or employee information and financial expense...

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Stay Safe this summer with these 5 Tips for a More Security-Minded Trip

During vacation time, it is important to keep in mind some tips that will keep your information safe during travel. By following the advice below and...

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