We Are Committed to You

UBC IT has commitments that guide our organizations directions and behaviours, and support our mission. Our commitments are designed to capitalize on our strengths, and focus us on the needs of our community including staff, faculty and research.

We believe each of our staff play a key role in the success of our organization; in turn we are committed to you and provide the support, development and mentorship to represent our commitments to the community.

Core Values

  • UBC IT engages with the UBC community to identify their needs and is accountable for delivering effective technology solutions.
  • UBC IT provides an efficient, secure and reliable operating environment that is transparent and adaptable.
  • UBC IT provides vision and leadership in the planning, delivery and sustainment of technology solutions.
  • UBC IT provides a safe and respectful environment that attracts and retains exceptional people.


Community Service

You will play a key role in the success of the institution by contributing to the development of business and technology solutions that improve UBC IT's ability to provide excellent services to the community.

Operational Strategy

You will be provided with a fulfilling work environment that promotes a healthy workplace and a culture of positive values, allowing you to build strong working relationships with your colleagues and have a work life balance. UBC IT is dedicated to creating an environment of mutual respect and flexibility which will make work exciting, challenging and engaging.

Technology Leadership

As a world-renowned research University, we strive to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology. UBC IT is always evaluating new trends and leveraging new and exciting opportunities where possible. If you enjoy lifelong learning, then UBC IT is the place for you.

People Development

We encourage career progression through a range of opportunities that allow you to harness your skills and develop proficiencies across many areas. We will partner with you to maximize your potential and build your career for the future with UBC IT.