Adding Videos to Courses in Connect Just Got a Lot Easier with UBC Video Share

Jackie Stewart - UBC Instructor, Department of Chemistry

UBC Video Share powered by Kaltura is a new platform for uploading, storing, searching, and sharing videos fully integrated with UBC’s learning management system, Connect. Powered by leading video solution software, It makes it easier and faster to record and upload videos securely from your computer or laptop.

UBC Video share opens up a world of possibilities for instructors and students to use video to enhance the online educational experience. Instructors can record, upload, and share videos from their personal educational video library and add them to their courses. 

Jackie Stewart, an instructor in the Department of Chemistry, is just one example of how professors are using Video Share to their advantage, “this term we are requiring students to watch a short video before each class. They take notes on the video using the template we provide. Then, during class, we focus on developing problem solving skills. Freeing up the class time from information transfer allows instructors to model expert thinking, engage students in group work, and address misconceptions”.

Videos can be integrated into many different course items such as tasks, assignments, surveys, forum discussions, and blogs. “Kaltura makes it simple to upload a video to Connect,” says Stewart. “We want to make the videos available to students in a professional manner, it’s great to be able to integrate them with the pre-class videos and notes.”

To start using UBC Video Share in your class, please click here.