Connecting the UBC Teaching and Learning Community Remotely at a Global Scale

by Winnie Wan and Mark Montgomery

There’s no argument that the transition to remote teaching and learning was a whirlwind. Within a week’s notice, UBC transformed an in-person teaching and learning environment to a remote one. From an information technology perspective, UBC demonstrated resilience and adaptability to a worldwide pandemic. Regardless of where you were in the world, UBC made efforts to ensure that the UBC community could continue to stay connected to one another.  


There was a record number of IT services launched and services reaching new peaks and highs this past year and a half. The Virtual Private Network saw an increase of 913% connections in 2020/21 academic year compared to the previous academic year, Kaltura video platform had an increase of 297% viewers, and the Learning Technology Hub received an increase of 77% in tickets from 2019 to 2020, just to name a few. 


As we continue to return to campus and reflect on the past year and a half, check out our data story on some of the tools and services that we depended on and how they evolved to help us stay connected, and supported our ability to communicate and share information to one another across the globe. Click here to read more.