Discounted Pricing for Adobe Software Offered to all UBC Staff and Faculty

Please note that prices and products in this article reflects pricing from January 2014, and are no longer available.

Please visit our Adobe Software Licensing page for the latest prices and packages we offer.

As a part of BCNET (a network of shared IT services for higher education & research in BC), UBC IT has worked with numerous technology vendors to ensure that innovative technology is readily available for faculty, staff, and students at UBC. As the largest higher education institution in BCNET, UBC IT (representing UBC) is able to generate more bargaining power.

One such example is with Adobe software licensing, which is now available at a substantially discounted rate for all faculty and staff at UBC. Rather than having to purchase a full perpetual license (a license purchased upfront with no expiration date), clients can subscribe to Adobe for a licensing fee per year, at a fraction of the cost.

Since most Adobe products are upgraded every eighteen months to 2 years, UBC Staff and Faculty can always work with the current release and realize cost savings of up to 61% over a three year period.

The current cost savings break down like this:

Product Before Now Savings per year Savings over 3 years






Design & Web Premium





Master Collection





To learn more about what is included in each product package, visit the service catalogue page.

If you are an eligible UBC staff or faculty member interested in purchasing an Adobe software license, contact the UBC IT accounts team.

UBC students are eligible for Academic rates for Adobe products through the UBC Bookstore.

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