Empowering our privacy champions: The Privacy Matters Champions Network

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive information through privacy and information security measures is paramount. To address this proactively, we have established the Privacy Matters Champions Network, a community-driven movement aimed at promoting a culture of responsibility and collaboration. This network empowers faculty and staff members to advocate for privacy and information security within their units, fostering awareness and creating a safer digital environment for all at UBC. 

What is the Privacy Matters Champions Network? 

The Privacy Matters Champions Network is a community of like-minded dedicated individuals. It aims to empower faculty and staff members to actively advocate for privacy and information security within their respective units. By fostering a culture of awareness and responsibility, the network aims to create a safer digital environment for everyone at UBC. 

How Can You Become a Privacy Matters Champion? 

Becoming a Privacy Matters Champion is simple yet impactful. By advocating for improved privacy practices within your unit, you are already making a difference. You can further support this initiative by incorporating privacy and cybersecurity tips into your team’s internal communications, sharing prepared slides at meetings, and promptly reporting suspicious emails to security@ubc.ca. Every effort counts towards enhancing digital security. 

Why did we launch the channel in Teams? 

You might be wondering why this information is being shared via Teams instead of traditional channels like email. The answer lies in both collaboration and security. Teams allows us to share information in real-time, fostering collaboration among members. Additionally, using Teams helps mitigate the risk of users falling prey to malicious links in emails, thereby enhancing overall security measures.  

What are the benefits of joining this network?  

As a member of the Privacy Matters Champions Network, you'll gain access to valuable resources and stay informed on the latest information, including:  

  • Monthly newsletters summarizing topical information from the Privacy Matters website.
  • Invitations to monthly phishing workshops. 
  • Access to the Champions Network Toolkit, which includes “Top Tips” PowerPoint slides, digital signage files, and brief phishing training videos to equip you and your team with essential privacy and information security knowledge. 

How can I access the resources? 

Accessing these resources is convenient and straightforward. The monthly newsletter is available directly in Teams under the "Monthly Newsletter" tab. You can also view it online through SharePoint site.  

Welcome aboard and spread the word 

We are thrilled to have you join us as part of the Privacy Matters Champions Network. We encourage you to explore resources prepared for you and share them with your colleagues. We aim to expand this network and promote a culture of privacy advocacy to the entire UBC community. Please share it with your colleagues, and let's grow our network collaboratively.