Full Migration to New Learning Management System

The Connect Learning Management System will be officially replacing the legacy WebCT Vista system in September 2013.

Full Migration to New Learning Management System Completed by This Fall

In January 2012, approximately 4,000 students and 40 instructors from UBC's Vancouver and Okanagan campuses became the first users on Connect, UBC's new and improved learning management system. Now, just over one year later, there are approximately 33,000 students enrolled in 1,280 courses in Connect, and courses are no longer being created in the former learning management system, WebCT Vista.

Transitioning from Vista to Connect

To facilitate a smooth transition, UBC has conducted a year-long research study to better understand a user's experience (for both students and faculty), professional development needs, and system operations within Connect.

Students and faculty participating in the courses on Connect were invited to share their opinions in a voluntary online survey and/or interview. Data from the research study is currently being analyzed and a report summarizing the findings will soon be shared with the UBC community. These findings will help shape the final rollout of Connect at UBC, determining operating procedures, professional development, and user support.

What's next for Connect?

Informed by user feedback, the results of the research study, and institutional goals, there are many planned improvements and upgrades to Connect that will, over the next few months, improve the overall user experience.

The first stage of upgrades is slated for May, and will include improvements to the user interface, a new discussion tool, and a new calendar tool. By September 2013, the Assessments tool will be updated, allowing for further integrations and improvements.

How can I have my say?

A user feedback suggestion box process will be launched in May 2013 that will allow Connect users to provide feedback and ideas for improvements even after the migration to the new LMS is complete. Users will be able to submit their suggestions for the system and vote on suggestions submitted by other users. These votes will be used to prioritize the enhancement list, giving the UBC community a voice in the continued improvement of the education tools they use daily.

If you have any questions about the Connect Learning Management System, please contact Tammy Yasrobi, Communications Coordinator, at tammy.yasrobi@ubc.ca.