Interview with Barish Golland: OneDrive & Teams Training at UBC

How is your team collaborating online? Recently, UBC IT Communications talked to Barish Golland, Change Management Specialist with UBC IT, about the amazing collaboration potential of Microsoft OneDrive and Teams. Over the past few months, Barish Golland from UBC IT Change Management and Laura Fu, System Administrator for UBC IT Collaborative Technology teams, have been leading training sessions to help UBC faculty and staff embrace these technologies to their best ability. We connected with Barish to talk about how recent training sessions have been going, his take on the benefits of attending a OneDrive and Teams training session, and how to book a training session for your department.  

Barish and the Collaboration Technology team have been using a hands-on approach to training UBC faculty and staff about the benefits of OneDrive and Teams. Recently, they conducted two large in-person training sessions with several administrative and departmental units. These training sessions allowed the trainers to offer a more department-focused workshop that catered to more personalized answers to their questions. Whether virtual or in-person, this approach to hands-on training allows for opportunities for tailored Q&A that apply directly to the individual team dynamics. 

Benefits of using OneDrive and Teams for your team

  • Microsoft OneDrive is a UBC supported platform for file storage in the cloud and synced to your desktop, and includes up to 1TB of storage for personal files 
  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files stored on OneDrive become “collaborative” documents that allow multiple users to edit the files simultaneously, saving time and avoiding files going back and forth in email chains 
  • One of the standout features of OneDrive and Teams, is the robust security layer which includes Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This ensures a secure environment for collaboration, safeguarding any personal or sensitive information. 

OneDrive and Teams are amazing collaboration tools that go beyond mere file storage. Through the applications’ interconnectivity, it has the potential to revolutionize collaboration, saving time and streamlining processes. 

How can you book a session for your department or attend a session as an individual? 

Individuals are encouraged to attend the scheduled OneDrive and Teams training sessions for both basic and advanced topics coming up in April / May: 

Barish and Laura are also providing customized training for departments and larger teams on request. Please note that customized sessions are based on trainer availability, and we encourage faculty and staff to attend the monthly OneDrive and Teams training sessions mentioned above for the most immediate training.  Reach out to your Client Services Manager or open a ticket with the UBC IT Helpdesk to book your group session.