The Live Transcription feature is now available in Teams

Live transcription is now available for users in Teams. This is a written record of spoken text for each speaker, which is available during and after the meeting. Live transcription can make your meeting more productive, accessible and inclusive. Participants in noisy places will also appreciate the visual aid.

  • During the Teams meeting, the transcript appears on the right side of the screen.
  • Participants can choose to not be identified in meeting transcripts. For details, see hide your identity in meeting captions and transcripts.
  • There is an option to change language setting. The transcript language must be the same as the language spoken during the meeting.
  • Once the meeting is over, the saved transcript is available for reference and download in Teams on the desktop and web.
  • It is important to note that live transcription is not guaranteed to be perfect and may not accurately capture every spoken word. However, it can still be a valuable tool for facilitating communication and improving accessibility in meetings.

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