Mediasite Server Decommissioning

UBC will be decommissioning Mediasite server on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. The platform reached the end-of-life and is scheduled to be decommissioned to streamline the Enterprise Video Platform ecosystem and achieve cost efficiency.

Who will be most affected by this change?

There will be no end-user impact. The Audio-Visual team and unit video administrators seamlessly migrated Mediasite content to an alternate location and shared the new video locations with the targeted end users.

What is changing?

All Mediasite files have been migrated from the Mediasite service. The Mediasite files are not viewable on the Mediasite server.

When will the change occur?

The target date to completely switch off the Mediasite server is Tuesday October 10, 2023.


Please contact your unit video administrator or the IT Audio Visual Team for any inquiries.

Email or Call (604) 822-7956