Microsoft Teams and OneDrive Now Available

Microsoft (MS) Teams and OneDrive is now soft-launched for Winter Term 1, with a focus on helping students with student-to-student collaboration. 

MS Teams is a collaboration platform for groups of users to share information and create content together. It offers features such as video conferencing, persistent group chat, and collaboration in real-time using Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.  MS OneDrive, a file hosting service, allows users to securely store, share and synchronize files and folders from all connected devices.  It also offers 1 terabyte of data storage and has features like versioning.  

MS Teams and OneDrive also meet institutional and provincial privacy requirements and address the collaboration gaps for students, such as creating virtual meeting spaces and facilitating group work.  MS OneDrive will provide additional storage to enhance the collaboration process.   To learn more about both tools, visit the service catalogue pages for Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.