New EduCloud Server Service Now Available

EduCloud Server Service is the newest cloud computing service offered to the UBC community by UBC Information Technology that meets all provincial privacy requirements under the FIPPA legislation.  Like the current Virtual Server Service (VSS), EduCloud Server Service offers resources pooling, server consolidation, regular backups and high availability redundancy, but this new service also provides significant additional functionality that allows self-management and self-deployment.  You can create and delete virtual machines, and change resource allocation within minutes without submitting a request.  A web portal is also available, so you can manage your environment from anywhere on any device.

"UBC IT is bringing to higher-education, the same convenience that"s been available to the general public for the last few years. We"re proud to say that we"re the first higher-education institution in Canada to deliver a service like this,” says Mario Angers, Manager of Systems at UBC IT.

In terms of cost, changes are based on an Allocation Pool.  With this option, billing is based on a pre-allocation of resources and you will receive a predetermined statement at the end of the month.  Adding or contracting your resources can still take place with this option.  Later this year, UBC will introduce a Pay-As-You-Go option.  With this option, billing fees will depend on the amount of consumed resources.  You can grow or decrease your resource consumption as required.  For full cost information, please visit the EduCloud Server Service Pricing page.

EduCloud Server Service is part of EduCloud, a suite of cloud services that has been customized for higher education environment that offers the same convenience and cost effectiveness as other cloud services, while meeting all the provincial requirements under the BC privacy legislation.  Other EduCloud services that will soon be available to the UBC community include the Educloud WorkSpace, a Dropbox-like service hosted at UBC, EduCloud Web Hosting, EduCloud Virtual Desktop, and EduCloud Backup and Recovery.

For more information on EduCloud Server Service, please visit the EduCloud Server Service page.