Recap: Annual Spring Showcase 2024


On April 10, students at the Emerging Media Lab (EML) showcased their groundbreaking work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) during the Annual Spring Showcase 2024. This event displayed the strength of student projects at UBC, and was also a celebration of collaboration, creativity, and the pursuit of knowledge. The Annual Spring Showcase 2024 gave us a glimpse of how students, faculty and staff have been working alongside industry and community partners to advance learning through the development of innovative tools and techniques utilizing emerging AI and VR technologies.

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion. One key topic was the evolution of EML alongside AI, with students, staff, and subject matter experts shedding light on how EML serves as a hub for real-world projects. This collaboration bridges the gap between academia and industry. Students passionately spoke about how EML pushes the boundaries of traditional classroom teachings, exposing them to real-world projects while fostering innovation. They emphasized how EML's interdisciplinary approach not only enriches their learning experiences, but also equips them with practical skills essential for their future. 

Projects at the EML Annual Spring Showcase 2024 

One standout project showcased was a VR tool developed for nurse practitioners. This project provides a lifelike environment for nurses to practice patient scenarios and verbal interactions. This tool—developed in-house at the Emerging Media Lab—represents potential advancements in healthcare education.  

Another groundbreaking initiative presented was the Judicial Interrogatory Simulator, aimed at helping law students practice moot court scenarios using AI and VR technology. Available as both web and VR versions, this accessible platform enables continuous practice and skill development for law students practicing their real-world court scenarios. 

The Media Studies 470 collaborative prototyping course exemplified project-based learning at its finest: bringing together students from various faculties to create immersive experiences and innovative solutions. Through agile project management principles, students learned new skills and collaborated on projects ranging from digital media studies to medical research. 

Innovations weren't limited to AI and VR alone: an augmented reality birth simulation and a digital version of Shakespeare's Folio were among some of the other projects presented at this event. Such diversity in these projects highlights EML's commitment to catering to a wide range of learning preferences and needs. 

An engaging event for all 

The smiles on the faces of staff and faculty as they watched students present their work spoke volumes about the impact of collaborative efforts and the promise of a brighter future. With each project presented, it became increasingly evident that EML isn't just a lab, it's a mix of creativity, innovation, and potential. As the event concluded, attendees left inspired by the power of student-led initiatives and eager to see what the future holds for AI, VR, and beyond. 

Special thank you to Saeed Dyanatkar, Maryann Kempthorne and many others who put together this sold-out event. 

Learn more about the different projects that were showcased by visiting the EML Projects webpage. 

To see live demos of these projects, find more information UBC Emerging Media Lab YouTube channel.  

Article by Aisha Ismail, Marketing & Communications Intern for UBC IT.