UBC’s Emerging Media Lab Recipient of the 2018 CUCCIO Innovation Award

UBC’s Emerging Media Lab (EML), a collaboration between UBC IT and CTLT, is this year’s recipient of the CUCCIO Innovation Award, announced at the 2018 CANHEIT-TECC conference on June 20, 2018 at Simon Fraser University. “Being recognized nationally among a room of our peers for the EML is a wonderful experience,” said Saeed Dyanatkar, Executive Producer for the EML and UBC Studio. “This award is shared with all the staff, faculty and students who continue to discover, explore, and use the EML in teaching and learning. I am so proud to have accepted this award with Dr. Claudia Krebs.”

The EML at UBC is an experimental space where faculty and students from all disciplines have access to augmented, virtual, and mixed reality tools and technology for ideation, creation, and execution of projects for teaching and learning. The award event followed an afternoon presentation with Dyanatkar and Krebs, citing several EML projects that have been underway this past academic year, including Krebs’ Holobrain project, and the Stanley Park Geography VR project.

The CUCCIO Innovation Award recognizes innovative IT projects or initiatives that have significantly advanced teaching, learning, research or administration within a Canadian higher education institution. CUCCIO represents more than 50 universities across Canada, serving over 90% of Canada’s university students.

For more information about the CUCCIO Award program, please visit http://www.cuccio.net/en/initiatives/cuccio-awards.html.

For more information about CUCCIO, please visit http://www.cuccio.net/en/.

Members of UBC IT’s senior leadership team with CIO and AVP, Technology Jennifer Burns, Dr. Claudia Krebs and Saeed Dyanatkar accepting the 2018 CUCCIO Award for Innovation for UBC’s Emerging Media Lab.