UBC Data Governance Website Refresh Now Live

Launched in 2017, the UBC Data Governance website was equipped with basic information on the overview of the program, data policies, standards, and guidelines. It was one of the first official data governance websites created for an academic institution in Canada. Since then, the Data Governance Program has quickly evolved, being the cornerstone of many changes and initiatives, such as Workday, at UBC.  New data governance models, frameworks, and reporting processes have also been developed.  As a result, the content on the Data Governance website needed to be refreshed in order to stay current and relevant to the UBC community.  

Building off from its current foundation, the re-vamped Data Governance website adjusted the layout, re-organized content and added collapsible drop-down menus, creating a more user-friendly experience. 

Adding more resources and tools, the new areas on the website include:

  • a News and Announcement section to provide the most up-to-date information
  • a Team page to highlight the roles involved in supporting data governance at UBC
  • a Resources section that offers reference materials and how-to videos (coming soon!), and access to the EDG SharePoint, where you can find meeting materials, and minutes from a variety of data related committees, and workings groups. This practice aligns to one of UBC Data Governance’s core values which is maintaining transparency and consistency in governing data.

A more detailed list of data governance processes has also been uploaded, which you can now find processes on topics like reporting data quality issues and proposing, updating, or deprecating a university glossary term.  

Building out more robust information and resources on the Data Governance website is an example of Strategy 5: Systems Renewal of UBC’s Strategic Plan. In order to renew and consolidate aging systems, UBC must use a common language and a common process to maintain data.

You can learn more about the changes by visiting the refreshed UBC Data Governance website.  If you have any questions regarding the new content or require more information of any of the topics, please contact the Enterprise Data Governance team at edg@ubc.ca.