UBC IT at BCNET Connect 2024: Demystifying Cybersecurity Risk in Projects

UBC IT is excited to highlight one of the upcoming presentations at BCNET Connect 2024 from our very own Matthew Ellis and Aaron Heck from the UBC Cybersecurity team: Demystifying Cybersecurity Risk in Projects. The session is an insightful exploration into the landscape of cybersecurity within the realm of research endeavors.  

In their presentation, Matthew and Aaron will delve into the intricacies of cybersecurity for research projects, covering a spectrum of concerns from data acquisition to storage, access control, and beyond. UBC Cybersecurity would also like to acknowledge that the review process works with contributions from Larry Carson, Aaron Heck, Karen Beatty, Zoe Armor and others. With this, the presentation will look at the types of data involved, existing protective measures, and the evolving nature of cybersecurity risks. 

This idea for this presentation stemmed from a collaborative effort among UBC IT professionals who recognized the pressing need to share insights and lessons learned from the cybersecurity risk assessment. Matthew notes, "The idea for this presentation was just looking at our process, what we do, [and] some lessons we've learned over the years of doing this.”  

Their main objective of this presentation is to facilitate knowledge sharing within the UBC community and beyond. Matthew emphasizes, "It's an opportunity for us to share things that have worked for us... in the hope that this is useful to other folks in similar roles at other institutions." 

Attendees can expect to gain practical insights into effective risk assessment methodologies, along with valuable templates to streamline the process. Moreover, this session aligns with BCNET's mission of fostering collaboration and innovation among member institutions. 

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity poses significant challenges, including timeliness constraints and resource allocation. Despite these hurdles, the cybersecurity team remains committed to enhancing cybersecurity practices, while recognizing the shared challenges faced by research communities. By embracing templated responses and collaborative frameworks, Cybersecurity endeavors to mitigate these challenges and facilitate smoother risk assessment processes. 

Learn more about the presentation on the BCNET Connect 2024 website