UBC IT Okanagan Joins ServiceNow on Nov 2

UBC IT Okanagan will be joining UBC ServiceNow on November 2, in alignment with the launch of the UBC Self-Service Portal which will also support the Integrated Services Centre to provide Workday support. The IT support services will remain the same, but users will also have access to Okanagan IT support as well as Workday support from the ISC. This will make it easier for staff and faculty in the Okanagan, and across UBC, to access a variety of UBC support services from a single website: http://ubc.service-now.com. Adopting this common platform will better meet the changing needs of the community through integrated services that support and improve our use of the new technologies required to support UBC's learning, research and working environment. 

Full details available at https://news.ok.ubc.ca/it/2020/10/07/ubc-it-helpdesk-is-moving. Questions about this initiative can be directed to erin.trifunov@ubc.ca.