UBC IT Website Redesign Improves Access to Information

UBC IT will be releasing a new website this summer, and the changes to the website will result in a better product to serve the UBC community. The new site features a number of enhancements including an improved service catalogue listing all the services the department provides to the community, responsive design for mobile-friendly browsing, and integration with social media.

The service catalogue has been revamped and the new layout of information displays linearly on one page making it easier for the user scroll and view content on their mobile. Through card sorting and usability testing, we've reorganized the services into revised categories, and added new services for a more complete listing.

It's obvious that more and more people are browsing websites by mobile device now, and on the UBC IT website alone, there has been a 106 percent increase in mobile traffic over the last year. With the new website using responsive design, the site will recognize what device is being used to browse and display the information optimally for mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

The team has been working on the website redesign since late 2012, and anticipate going live in early August 2013. For more information on the UBC IT website redesign, please visit the UBC IT Website Redesign Project. If you have any questions about the project, please contact ubcit.communications@ubc.ca