UBC IT's Emerging Media Lab Wins the CUCCIO Collaboration Award

2023 CUCCIO Collaboration Award Winners Dr. Patrick Parra Pennefather and Saeed Dyanatkar

Join UBC IT in congratulating and celebrating our incredible teams who have been nominated for the prestigious CUCCIO awards: UBC's Automation Delivery Team and UBC's Emerging Media Labs. We are thrilled to recognize the outstanding achievements of both teams and congratulate the Emerging Media Lab (EML) team in winning the CUCCIO Collaboration Award for their work on Collaborative Course Development. 

Through this project, the Emerging Media Lab collaborated with a faculty in residence to create a dynamic one-year project-based learning course centered around emerging technology. By utilizing Agile methodologies, students are trained on proof-of-concept projects, working alongside UBC faculty and industry partners. The ultimate goal is to develop minimum viable products that can be utilized for research funding or integrated into courses. 

UBC IT extends our warmest congratulations to the project leads for their exceptional work: Dr. Patrick Parra Pennefather and Saeed Dyanatkar.

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